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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Little Lady

First, I want to thank you all for your love, support, and kind words. Believe me, it really helped pull me thought this visit. It was so emotional and painful. My mom has her little dog, Gretel, that would not be able to come to the nursing home and when she realized she could not come, it was heart wrenching. A dear friend down the street would take the dog and have her visit often. It's not the same, but definitely the second best solution. The assisted living home is very beautiful, clean, friendly, has good care and many activities. I think she would love it, but the question is whether she will be able to get into this part of the facility or have to be in the dementia part. She will be having an evaluation once we make our decision. Boy, life is tough. If only she could come up my way, but all the family is down there so it is what she knows and feels comfortable with. But I'm still investigating the availability in my area. This visit was the first time she didn't recognize me on a few occasions. She called me "Marty", her closest and dearest girlfriend from kindergarden. At first, I thought she was joking with me but then I realized she wasn't. I had been dreading the day this would happen. But, at least it was Marty, a special loved one.

Take a look at "my little lady"

New Hair Do

Who doesn't feel better after going to the hairdresser!?!

Total Sweetness

That's my update for now. I hope to try to settle down a bit until the next step and decision making. I think I have had a stress headache for a week now. I need to make something and be creative. It always restores me. But I have work and bills to pay instead, so Wednesday will be my R & R day!!

Thanks for stopping in my friends. It really makes me happy and especially at this time.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.



  1. So sorry you and your Mum are a having a tough time at the moment.
    Decisions like these are so hard, I faced the same with my father a few years ago.
    Dementia is such a cruel disease, looking at your Mum she looks so well but I know that's not how it really is.
    Thinking of you Robin and hope you all can come to a satisfactory arrangement for you all.
    Vivienne x

  2. Oh Robin, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. But it seems that we all must, at some time or another in our lives. Your Mama has such a pretty smile. I will be keeping her, and all of you, as you get her moved and settled, in my prayers.

  3. Hi Robin, I am so sorry you and your sweet Mom are facing this. Lots of hugs and prayers go out to you and your family. xoxo Debbie

  4. Dear dear Robin.. I know what you are going through. Who is the primary person in her life? If it's you - you need to move her near you. She won't know the difference of where she's moving to - and it needs to be where the one who will visit her the most lives. It killed me when my mom didn't know me anymore. This is a really rough time. Email me privately if you want to "talk". ((hugs)), Teresa

  5. Dear Robin I feel so sad for you going through this difficult time with your sweet little mother. I do agree with what Teresa wisely said.
    Sending warmest wishes and hugs.
    Helen x

  6. oh you sweet thing, your Mom is just so lovely and doing what she needs is the right thing to do. You might find that she actually remembers more once she has settled in because she will have a lot more stimulation. Sending you a big hug, I am here if you need to chat my dear friend.

  7. Dear Robin,

    This is heart-breaking even you've found some possibilities to make the life easier for your mom. I wish it'll all turn good, and your mom can see her beloved dog often, and you can visit her often too. I send you sunshine and a big hug from here.


  8. Hi dear Robin, I was so sorry to read this about your dear Mum. You have so many hard decisions to make and only you can make them. Be strong and know that there is a lot of love being sent to you and your family from out here. Hugs across from across the pond,
    Jane x