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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Me and the Hummers

I sit and knit, hear a humming, look up nothing..........
Sit and knit and sneak a peek.......
Try to click......
Not this time......
Click click click.............
Just me and my humming birds

Look at this amazing humming bird. I think I have at least three of them and they are feisty.

                                    I think I also have H. birds with green on their back.

                                                               Nice silhouette

Great Balancing

Just me and yarn

                                                                 A perfect day

Thanks for stopping in and finding me here in blogland. I love your visits and comments. Enjoy your days no matter what you are doing. Life is short and sweet.



  1. How lucky to have such beautiful little birds to keep you company in the garden!
    Enjoy your outdoor crafting. :)
    V xxx

  2. Lucky you!! I haven't seen any yet. It's a sure sign of summer when the hummingbirds return.
    Thanks for sharing, Robin.

    from summery Michigan,
    PlumCreek Studio

  3. It's so hard to get good photos of hummingbirds. Good job!

  4. Lovely photos.The first time I ever saw a hummingbird was on honeymoon at Rabbithillinn in Vermont.I was amazed at how beautiful and yet tiny they are!

  5. What a wonderful sight Robin, I have never seen a hummingbird. Enjoy relaxing and knitting and take care, hugs, Jane xx

  6. What beautiful birds and photos.
    M x

  7. Hello you sweet Lady,

    What a lovely post! Beautiful images!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and sunshine from us!


  8. Hello gorgeous Robin! Another thing that we have in common... hummingbirds! I love mine, too. Your time in the garden looks just divine. Enjoy tomorrow! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Oh how lovely to have hummingbirds in your garden...I would love that! On my latest gardening afternoon I was accompanied by a little (chirping) robin though! Your post is so lovely! Enjoy your knitting and your hummers and have a happy week :)
    Helen x

  10. Dear Robin,
    what a nice quick post. Enjoy knitting in the garden. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine. Nicolexxx