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Friday, September 27, 2013


Fall is here, the leaves have changed and I'm feeling more domestic than normal. I think because I have been gone for so much of the summer, I'm wanting to be at home and get back to the basics. SO I had this urge to make jam. This is something I use to do every summer with strawberries when the picking was abundant. Well, most berries have gone by, except at BJ's (which is a wholesale club) where they had large containers of raspberries. I had gotten some just to enjoy with yogurt, but then when I had the idea to make jam, I rushed back and bought more. (3 containers)
Let me tell you my house smells heavenly!!

I went to our local store and bought canning jars and pectin. I do the pectin method and water bath processing with my jars. That way the jars are sterile and sealed well.
Our local store in town is called Dan and Whit's and their motto is "If we don't have it, you don't need it". It's so funny, but it's true, they have everything. People come from all over and have to go to D&W's. I'll take a picture of the place sometime and show you!!

So I got my supplies and got busy, making a sticky mess too!
Four cups of crushed raspberries
61/2 cups of sugar
1/2 teaspoon butter (to cut down on foam)
Added a squirt of fresh lemon juice and grated lemon rind
Brought all of this to a rolling boil
Then added packet of pectin and stirred for one minute
Then took off the boiler and poured into clean jam jars
Wiped jar rims free of any jam and put seals and lids on
Processed jars in boiling water for ten minutes
Removed jars and listened for the pops
Then I knew the process was a success!!

Failed to mention, I bought fresh apple cider doughnuts to have this weekend with the jam.
Some of my supplies, couldn't find my old canning supplies, it's been awhile....

                                          Yummy 4 cups of crushed raspberries, beautiful color!

                                           Sugar added and lots of stirring

                                           A tad of lemon zest and juice

                                           Poured and ready to process

                             In the pot, they all fit but one, so had to process the last one separate.

                                                      And they all POPPED :  )

              I couldn't wait, in fact I had it almost finished before I remembered to take a photo!

                                                               DELICIOUS, if I do say

Well, that was so fun and I feel like I accomplished something also.

And to top it off, I heard the UPS truck and my new book came

Take a look

Oh, I'm so excited to have a cup of tea and enjoy this beautiful book. I'll let you know how it is.

Hope you enjoyed my fall nesting homeyness. I wish I could share a spoonful with all of you.

Look what else I found at D&W's

                                                     Vintage Blue Ball Jars

I just love them. Don't know what I'm going to do with them, but I'm sure I will find many storage uses.

Thanks for visiting me here. I love sharing my doings with all of you and I especially like to visit all of you too.



  1. That jam would put me in the hospital, but I'd say it looks very yummy. I just ordered that book from Amazon and it came a week ago, very fun to look through lots of colorful projects. Hope you are doing well my friend,

  2. Mmmm raspberry jam, the very best flavour jam Robin, I can imagine that wonderful aroma from here. Great to see you busy creating...enjoy and have a lovely weekend, Jane x

  3. Oh boy.. yum.. I think you must feel wonderful making that jam! The storebought raspberry jam doesn't taste like raspberries at all, does it? That book looks wonderful, I might have to check it out! I'm glad things are settling down for you. It's been a rough summer for you and yours. Hugs, Teresa

  4. Well what a great way to spend an early Fall day! Looks divine!
    Thinking of you....
    xo Kris

  5. I can almost smell that delicious jam across the Atlantic, Robin!! The doughnuts look good too!
    I'm sure you'll find lots of use for those gorgeous blue jars. :)
    Have a lovely weekend,
    V xxx

  6. There is nothing like home made jam and I bet it tastes delicious Robin.

  7. Robin, Everything looks delicious!! My grandparents always had black AND red raspberries in their garden. Enjoy your jam and doughnuts.
    Thinking of you this weekend,

  8. Oh my, my mouth is watering! Unfortunately, I can never get enough raspberries from our garden to make jam - because my little girls venture outside each morning and pick the stalks clean of any red ones! I admit I usually join them, the three of us in our jammies...and I've never heard of the butter tip for foam...does that apply to all jams? I have some blackberries at the ready...Chrissie x

    1. HI Chrissie, Welcome new follower and thank you. Yes, adding 1/2 teaspoon of butter or margarine will work with any jam or jelly to cut down on foam. (note 1/2 teaspoon not 1/4)

  9. Hi Robin, Your jam looks delicious! I'm looking forward to Summer here and berry season, think I will be making jam this year too! I just saw your last post, so sorry to read of your loss, I hope you are doing ok, best wishes, Julie x

  10. Your raspberry jam looks delicious, and must smell so fragrant and wonderful too, Robin! That is my favourite kind! Lovely to be home and enjoying cosy homeliness again after all you have been through. The blue jars are lovely......they will have lots of uses and look pretty too. Wishing you lots more cosy fall days.
    Helen x

  11. Hello sweet Robin,

    All looking so wonderfully autumn-ish, I can almost smell that yummy jam! And those vintage jars are so pretty... Oh my! I wish you the happiest days of October with some new crocheting with that gorgeous new book - cant wait what you'll create first!

    Sunshine (yes, really!) from here!