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Monday, January 20, 2014

LAST Catch up and moving on..........

Hello to All you Lovely Ladies!

So I am still getting my blog up to date with the end of December festivities and New Year's. I hope to get all caught up after this post. How did this happen....I don't know.....maybe the wedding...... maybe just me!

So OUR Christmas was on the 27th of December with all the kids we could gather. It was also my birthday amd my last one in my 50's. How can that be, well I tell myself, "it is what it is"! Happy to be able to be here, to talk about.........
Then after the lovely Christmas weekend, we had our two granddaughters, Abby and Lizzie for a few more days. It was so much fun and we even had New Year's Eve together, which you will see in photos. The littles wanted to eat in the dining room and stay up late. SO they stayed up till 9:30, and we made it till 10:00. Real night owls this group. I've never been a New Year's Eve fan, I like to be home, have fun food, make a toast whenever and be with the one you love or in this case "granddaughters" too!  I'm not much for New Year resolutions either because I think each day is a new day and we can all try to do our best each day, anyway. Well, enough of all this, how 'bout some photos!

                                         Lovely homemade Birthday cake by Amy and Andy

                                                      Beautiful flowers for A + A

                                                                       "My Angels"  
                                       As you can see Lizzie is a character on the left, 5 years
                                                                      and Abby 7 years

                                 One Christmas craft made by Lizzie and Nannie's help

                                             My son Ted and his dog Zoey  (and of course jealous Jack)

                                           Jack takes a lot........during the little girls visits

                              Getting ready for New Year's, girls had fun making table settings

                                                             Ready with chop sticks

                                                                   Popper time

                                                                   Banner strung

                                                  Cosy time on Nannie and Poppy's bed

 Another Christmas craft made by Abby, she did a great job with only a tiny bit of help

                                                    Gifts to myself from Cath Kidston

                              My new tea mug and dish towels, if I can dare to dirty them

 My newest find, design your our journal, date book etc by May Designs. Check this out, it is so fun. The books are hand sewn and you pick your design, font, label etc.

                                                  Handsome Jack not to be forgotten

                       Look what Mother Nature did on my walkway, an icy smiley face : )

Hurray, that's all my pictures in December. Thank you for back tracking with me and now my blog is mostly up to date. Finally next time projects, knitting, crocheting, and what I'm reading. Oh, I almost forgot a home demo happening in one bathroom. Never fun, but hopefully the results with be exciting.

Thank you for visiting, following me and being wonderful friends. Your comments are so appreciated and I thank each and everyone of you!

See you soon, xoRobin


  1. A lovely post Robyn, Happy belated birthday. You certainly dont look your age and you are only as old as you feel anyway is my motto! Wonderful photos of your grandchildren , it sounds as if you had a fab time.

  2. The title of your blog post had me worried.. I thought you were going away! I'm so glad that's not the case! I loved all the photos, your littlies are just adorable! Your home is gorgeous, too. I look forward to your next post.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely family photos Robin, so glad your Christmas, New Year and birthday were fun! Are you sure it's your last birthday in your '50's?? You look sooooo much younger than that!
    V xxx

  4. Great pictures and beautiful girls. I'm so glad you had such wonderful holiday and birthday too...happy Belated Birthday!

  5. Wonderful family pictures, it looks like such a happy time for you all. Wishing you a very Happy belated Birthday and a happy year ahead dear Robin! Age is just a number and you look very young!
    Helen xox

  6. Robin, Happy Birthday my dear friend. I wish you a wonderful year. Love all of your adorable girl photos, they are so sweet. And of course Jack is as handsome as ever. So glad you had so much fun during the Holidays.

  7. Hi dear Robin, it's lovely to see all your holiday photos, what fun you had creating with your darling granddaughters, I can't wait to be creative with Daisy. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday and a very very Happy 2014 to you and yours xx

  8. Hello dear Robin,

    Happy belated Birthday!

    Oh my, what a happy-filled post! You all seem so smiley and happy in all the pictures, and there's always so much to see - and those craft projects girls make...Fantastic! And the there's always a cherry on top: the cutest Jack! Thank you for sharing!

    Have a wonderful start for this year, we'll see here often!


  9. Hello Robin,

    Looks like a very fun birthday and New Year's Eve. Happy belated birthday to you….. Your granddaughters are adorable and very handy, like their Grandma.
    Hope you are not in the latest storm.
    What a winter its been. (I'm a bit behind in blogging too.)
    Thanks for sharing your special days.
    Anne xx