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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How does your garden grow?

Hello, what a beautiful day we have today!

Just wanting to share my garden with all of you, because I'm in amazement of my petite garden, 4x4 square. But boy, have I had fun with it!

The tomatoes are so abundant for two plants, the lettuce has been snipped 3 times and some seeds planted too and the lettuce keeps coming, the sugar snaps are fun and we get to have about 3 in our salads every so often, the peppers are growing and are so cute, the zucchini is thriving and I have grilled two so far, and the cucumbers are fabulous. I have had one large and it was so fresh and delicious and another one growing. That's my garden, that's all folks, BUT so great for just the two of us.

Picture time

                                                                   Big cucumber

Little cuck

Green peppers



Lots of tomatoes

Big girl tomato 

Sugar snap peas


oops another Zucchini

and my edible nasturtiums

We don't really eat them but you CAN

Hope you enjoyed my "little and I do mean little" garden tour.  If I had more produce, I would share with all of you, if possible. Hope you are all well and enjoying your part of the world. How does your garden grow? Let me know.

I have seen beautiful pictures of flowers and veggies from so many of your blogs. It's such fun to see everyone's world, blogland is wonderful. Love knowing you all. Thanks and have a great week ahead.


A visitor this morning


  1. Hi Robin, I'm amazed and impressed with how much produce you're getting from that little raised bed! I've waggled my finger at hubby as I've been asking for a raised bed for 3 years now! We even have the cedar lumber! Maybe next year? LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. So very productive for such a wee garden! I don't have a garden, I have tried in the past but perhaps I was trying with too large a space, and a small one would be much more suited!

  3. A great garden, small is beautiful...

  4. Jealous! Isn't it amazing how much you can get to grow in a tiny patch! I bet it must feel so satisfying to be able to go out and pick your own veg to eat. They will also taste so much nicer than shop bought too.

  5. What a beautiful welcome visitor too!
    Your garden is producing lots of goodies Robin, there is so much fun in gardening, isn't there, I love it so much!
    V x

  6. OH lovely fresh home grown veges, you can't beat them. Gosh that raised bed is working well isn't it - it's all the love you give the little plantings Robin, great teamwork, well done! You sure do have wonderful visitors around your place too, what a beauty! xoJoy

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely praises! xoR

  8. Gardening is such fun isn't it Robin. Your raised bed is really yielding some wonderful produce and there is nothing so sweet tasting as home grown. How wonderful that Bambi stopped by to say hello.Have a great week xx

  9. That's awesome! It's amazing how much one can grow on a smaller space . Veggies fresh picked from the garden ate the best!

  10. A great garden in a such small place !! awesome !! And I love your visitor..... HAve a nice day !

  11. A Little place but a great variety.
    My garden is growing well but my tomatoes are just green for the moment as I am more in the north than you.
    Such a beautiful thing to live with a little country around us.
    Miss xx

  12. Your garden looks beautiful and plentiful. Mine has had it with the heat and humidity, my weeds are looking great though!

  13. Hi, impressive garden, mine is small and I afraid neglected at the moment
    Hugs x

  14. I love your little raised bed and what a lot of delicious produce you have from it! Such a nice idea, and you are a good gardener, dear Robin! Our garden is growing rather wild at the moment, and is good for the grandchildren to play hide and seek in!
    Happy sunny week!
    Helen xox