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Monday, April 13, 2015

Beautiful Weekend

We were so blessed with a magnificent weekend for Abby's "9" year old birthday party and Amy's lovely Bridal shower!
Abby's party was with 12 girls (counting Abby and Lizzy) at a "paint your own pottery studio". They do such a wonderful job organizing and preparing for the parties. There is a wall of pottery the girls can pick a fun piece of art work, plaque, initial, animal or hobby. The instructor explains the process of base coat painting, then a tray of 32 paint colors come out and the party begins. Nine year olds are so talented and their imagination is endless. After designing their piece of pottery they get to decide on the spray finish, gloss, pearl or glitter. (or a combo) After cake and ice cream the kids gather their masterpieces, that are mostly dry, and head home with gift bags and smiles. At nine the girls hug each other good bye, it really is so sweet. I told my daughter to enjoy this because it will not be long before there may be some boys involved......oh dear! Please stay little girls❤️

But we all know that doesn't happen, so now we get to enjoy the lives of our children as they get older and wiser and "in love".  Which brings us to Sunday with Amy's Bridal shower. It was a perfect sunny day, really the first mild and delightful day we have had this spring. (note: this was in Massachusetts, not Vermont) We had 52 ladies arriving at noon to the destination "Tuscan Kitchen" restaurant. Amy arrived at 12:15 with Andy in hand and the party started. Andy said his good byes. We had a lovely mingling time, then sit down lunch, trivia game featuring "the couple", prizes and then the opening process of the many many gifts. Amy's bridesmaids have this down pat and half open  cards etc so make the time is not so lengthy. Amy and Andy received so many lovely and useful gifts from their registry. I think many people think they enjoy a little wine....hahaha. Just kidding they did not receive any doubles and Amy was so gracious and appreciative.

Amy's future mother in law made up the most fabulous favors for everyone to take home. Beautiful bottles of Rosemary Olive oil that corresponded with the theme for their honeymoon. They will be spending two weeks in Italy!

Let me share some photos of both events!

                                                    Birthday Girl


 Lizzy working on "Poppy's" name, she was making this cupcake for Hb because he has the flu : (

                                               Nannie so proud and in love with these girls
                                               (note: Abby made two, her dog and Jack (for Poppy)

                                                    Wall of pottery

                                                    Cake and ice cream and Wishes

As you can see it was a fun time for all. I was so happy to be part of this celebration! Maybe I will have a paint your own pottery party this year and invite you all! Now wouldn't that be something : )

On to the Shower

                                                    Little girls already to go

                                                    Beautiful setting

 My son-in-law went to Chinatown on Sunday morning to pick up the special cake, couldn't be fresher or more delicious

                         Favors EVOO, beautifully executed by Amy's  future mother-in-law

                                                    Flowers and framed invitation

                                          Gift bags, prizes for games (I made the 5 "wishes" ones)

                                         Proud "me" and the bride  (little 5 foot Amy has heels on)

                                                    A few of her bridesmaids Meg and Danielle

                                          Gift time

There are many more photos from the girls, I will need to download!

I hope you enjoyed this weekend with me, I will be smiling for a while and feeling all the love!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and thank you for visiting here with me. I love seeing your visits and even more enjoy your comments. I hope to be back soon, or at least in a weeks time.


                                          Welcome Nannie
Look what the little girls did on my bed for my sleepover! I bet you can feel the love, I could


  1. Awe what lovely family times!
    The concentration on those little artist's faces is amazing and what a wonderful welcome on your bed! :)
    The bridal shower looked so lovely, so many beautiful photos.
    You great Robin!!
    V x

  2. I can feel so much love there Robin, how sweet that the girls put a welcome on your bed and made something for you ailing Hubby, I hope he is now better? Both parties looked such fun and the cakes delicious.Thanks for sharing all the lovely family photos, so much excitement...enjoy :0) xx

  3. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. What a fabulous weekend! So much to celebrate and time to spend with your darling girls. You are a lucky Nannie.

  5. Wow, what wonderful times for you and your family, dear Robin! The little girls' pottery painting party looks like such fun and it was very sweet that Abby made gifts for your hb too (hope he is feeling better). The bridal shower for your daughter looks amazing, very well organised and full of fun as well as delicious cake. Thank you for sharing all these happy times with us. Have a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  6. What fun for big and little girls!! I can't believe how grown-up Abby and Lizzy are now!! Happy you could be with them to celebrate. The shower looks lovely. Time is flying..... Happiest mid-April, Robin,
    Anne and family xx

  7. Hello dear Robin,

    This post was so full of love&happiness that it made me smile evr so wide, thank you for sharing! You are having such lovely days, enjoy!

    Sending you sunshine to your April-days!


  8. Hi Robin! I'm back from New Orleans and catching up on blogs. What a fun party for the girls! I love ceramic things. And the shower! Your daughter is simply beautiful and so are you! I know the wedding will be divine. What a special time for you and your family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)