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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Balls in the Air

Good morning dear friends and hello to any new visitors, I welcome you and hope you follow me.

Spring is still not here in Vermont, not even a tease!

In my world there are so many balls up in the air, I am managing by taking things day by day and at times hour by hour.......that's not to say things are bad, in fact, everything is so happy and exciting just  a lot at the same time.  If you are in my age bracket you know by now that, that is the way it normally works, "feast or famine"!
We have renovation happening at our vacation home in Martha's Vineyard which is so exciting. We had our first peek this past weekend and I was bubbling with excitement verging on goofiness! I was a real HGTV person in awe of the job that had been done. I normally can't picture the way something will turn out until I see it, I'm a very visual person. I can show you a peek to get the idea.

This is the back of the house with an added sunroom and expanded kitchen area in green. So our 800 square foot house will expand to 1400 sq. ft.  Also being added is a bathroom upstairs.
"My MV McMansion"

Inside peek, there is a lot of open space and cathedral ceilings. Hard to explain in this state. Have to wait until summer for the unveiling.

This was all so thrilling to see, but now I have to purchase so many light fixtures and get them down in time so I don't hold them up!!  It's a 4 hour drive and a 45 minute ferry ride, the drive is a bit much but I do love the ferry.
We are doing all this because we hope to spend half the year there when we are completely retired. Island life is so great and Jack loves it!

Wedding countdown 80 days away!!! Fittings to take place, invitations out, bridal shower in 2 weeks, gift bags etc.....all good stuff but a lot. I manage with my lists and lists and checking them off  :  )

Look what happened when we were at the vineyard

                                                         How cute is this?

The bridal shower is on April 20th and I'm almost ready for it with the help of all the girls in the bridal party and of course the two flower girls! (did I say there are 9 bridesmaids) Yup that's right!
The shower is at a restaurant and will be very nice and festive.

Now about Jack, I took him up to the surgeon vet. in Burlington, Vermont an hour and half away. It was an early appointment so we were up early. Good news he does not need surgery!! Thank you so much for your thoughts and concerns for my boy! He had a slight ACL tear, but not necessary for surgery because he was getting better on his own. Thank you Jack, I feel 4 thousand dollars richer. Yes that what it would have cost, but Jack is worth it :  )
Burlington, Vermont is on Lake Champlain and is so beautiful, still frozen. Here's a photo and yes it was cold.

People are still walking on the ice, but not ME! The mountains in the background are the Adirondack's in New York.

                                           Jack resting on one of the sunnier days!

Well, my friends, I better get up and get something done, but wanted to talk to all of you! I won't be blogging as much as you can see, but I'm still here and will be reading all of your posts. Thank you for coming back post after post, I do love to see you and read all your comments.


                                                  Visitor on the ferry, it was snowing/raining

                                                 But that's end with a Spring Bouquet


  1. How exciting about your summer house, it looks amazing Robin, I'm sure you can't wait until it's all finished and you can enjoy it. I know I've said it before but I think Martha's Vineyard is such a lovely name for a place!
    Such a cute video of your granddaughter, big wedding excitement for everyone.
    Brilliant news about Jack, so glad he healed himself, always the best way, for him and for your purse too!!!
    Enjoy your busy times,
    V x

  2. How thrilling the renovations to your home in MV sound...and how fabulous to actually have home in MV!! It will be so nice to spend half your time there when you both retire...what a delightful plan. The little video is adorable....such a happy family time for you all. And so glad about the good news of Jack, that is so nice to hear. Have fun with all your exciting times, dear Robin!
    Helen xox

  3. So many exciting things happening in your life right now Robin! The vacation home will be fabulous! Wow, nearly doubling your space! How wonderful!
    Love the quilt for your daughter too! She will treasure it. And I had to read back to see what happened to Jack. Glad he is okay and mending!
    Spring will come.....I promise

  4. So much excitement going on, all the home renovations and the wedding, exciting times. Thinking of you and hope everything goes well.

  5. How exciting a post is this Robin. Lots going on and yes you must be juggling at the moment. The house is looking fab and it's so good to have work done when you don't have to be living there. Win, win in my books! Your darling granddaughter looks like a fairy princess, the wedding sound amazing, not long now. It's always good to see you in blogland Robin. Take care, Hugs xx

  6. Oh Robin.. you're living a dream right now! I know it's busy, but so many wonderful things! You are *SO* lucky to have a vacay home on MV! I have been to Nantucket but not MV, but I imagine them similar. I'm so happy that Jack didn't need surgery.. our Buddy needs a tumor removed and I'm a nervous wreck. Enjoy the wedding, I know you will! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Your summer home looks like it will be amazing!! Enjoy your wonderful, busy time!

  8. Hello dear Robin,

    Oh how wonderful your vacation home looks already, I cannot wait to see it all finished! Sending you many warm wishes fir this busy yet wonderful time, the wedding is getting closer... How exciting!

    I wish spring is blooming at yours and sun shines - Happy Easter-days dear friend!


  9. Hi Robin, Hope you had a good Easter. Good luck with all of the renovations!! I love the seaside. Hope Jack is doing better now!!! Hugs from Michigan........Anne xx