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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec. 1st-Looking for Color!

Hi all! I am continuing our Color post for "color" in our winter months, only 3 months to all, depending on where you live and the days will be getting longer too! I started off with the last of my indoor flowers and moved around the house looking for color without getting into Christmas yet. (except for one picture)

So here goes!

My beautiful orchids and alot more are in bloom

Not sure the name of this one but it's pretty ( some kind of pulpit?)

My own dried hydrangea, still looking colorful

Outdoor ivy brought in and thriving with Jack's help

Color on a gloomy day!

Looks more colorful with the Sun! But still makes me smile : )

One of my favorites, it's in our living room and I see it all day long!

The start of Christmas decorations and lots of bright reds and greens will be showering my house this week!

Thanks for visiting my nest of color. I love all your comments and love visiting you too!

Happy December 1st to one and all!!  xo Robin❤


  1. What lovely photos you've shown us!

  2. Ahh..Thank you for that color! Needed the boost.

  3. Hi Robin, loved your flowers! I have a green thumb too, and have a Hibiscus and Christmas Cactus in bloom. The one you didn't know the name of is a Hawaiian plant, they call them "Little Boys" over there for the upright stamen. LOL

  4. Thanks Teresa, that's funny too! xo Robin

  5. Love love love the glass Robin! Did you make it? I am at my Stained Glass class this afternoon. It's the last one before Christmas
    :o( But you have given me a much needed colour boost on a cold white day! xx

  6. Gorgeous! - I especially love the baubles hung in your window like that!

  7. Oh I LOVE the flowers!! how happy you must be!!!