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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Snow Popping in!

Hi ladies, have missed posting!  Busy working, knitting and shopping for everyone. This holiday really snuck up on me. I think when you host a holiday, it gets you behind for the next holiday, which I am also hosting! But I love it all! Nothing like family❤

Snowy beautiful Sunday

Oh, it was pretty until it all turned to rain. Didn't take a photo too gloomy!

Picked out our xmas tree in the snow very festive! Will share when we decorate and bring inside.....still drying out.

Can't share what I'm working on......due to spoiling the surprise for family members, if they pop in!

Blessings to all who visit and all who don't.
xo Robin and Jack❤


  1. I get a surprise every year that Christmas is just around the corner! What a gorgeous dog you have Robin, he has a really sweet face.
    Looking forward to seeing your tree looking all glam. x

  2. I loved seeing your wintry tree pictures. Enjoy your Christmas preparations, and keep cosy! Helen x