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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

It's always good to be home, even when you've had a good time! I was visiting my 83 year old mom! Her whole life revolves around her children (me and my brother) and her mini dachshund, Gretel. She got this puppy when she was 80 and it has been the best decision for companionship alone!
Here they are, can you tell who rules the roost?!

Yes, that's right, this one---------☝

I was suppose to come home on Saturday via ✈ and this happened

alittle snow in Philadelphia and the airport closes. BUT I didn't realize this until I was at the airport!!! Back to Mom's and boy was she surprised! A bonus day together : )

Soooo fluffy and beautiful

Then today as I was getting ready to leave again, Mom called me to look out the window, to see all these Robin's flying about and landing on her pear tree (bears no pears, just called that because of shape). Spring must be coming early or very confused birds, cos I have never seen so many in one spot. I ran for my camera
Not the best pic, but you have to believe me their were lots!

They were eating something.........

Well anyway, I'm home and happy to get back into the swing of things. One was to read blogs and write my own. Happy to have this opportunity. I wish everyone a great week and time to enjoy your world.
                              xo Robin❤


  1. Dear Robin, I'm glad you got to see your Mom.. how far away is she from you? Glad you're home safe and sound too. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Hi Robin!

    There's an award for you in my blog - please go and see!

    Happy day!


  3. Hello Robin, I am visiting via Mia's blog. I had a dachshund called Heidi when I was small, she was black and tan but a standard..such lovely dogs! Great that you had a bonus day with your Mum and I loved seeing all those robins in the tree, I only tend to get one or two in my little garden at a time. Have a great week,

  4. Glad you got home safe and sound Robin. I won't see my Mum until nearer the summer and I miss her so much so I bet having a bonus day together was a real joy x

  5. gretel is gorgeous, she looks so sweet and your mum looks so much younger than her age.

    happy to have stumbled upon your blog :o)

    wishing you a wonderful week xxx


  6. Hello Robin Lovely to see the pics of your trip. Your Mum and her little dog both look very sweet!
    Have a lovely week. Helen x