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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lots'a News

Didn't mean to be away so long. It was a busy week. I tried a new exercise class called Zumba. It was fabulous!! It's a type of exercise to Latin music. So much fun with a lot of hip motion. I truely thought I would be a hurtin' buckaroo the next day, but instead I just felt more invigorated. A tad sore. I plan on going to the next class which is on Friday. Will walk alot in the mean time. 

We also had our 2nd Blizzard and first in 2011! Lots of snow, schools closed and many stores closed early and work a shorten day. Here's another snowy peek.
I do love a good snow but 3 more months will be too much. I brought some mini-daffodils the other day just for the smell and lovely yellow! Sorry didn't take a picture yet.

Still knitting the last sweater. But in the mean time I wanted to share the sock animals I made. They are so much fun and pretty easy, just alittle tedious with all the raw edges. 
Tell me what you think.

Pammy Panda

                                                                   Together Chillin'

I found this Sock Book on Amazon with lots of pattern and animals. These were my favorite, but I want to make more. 

My next news is my husband broke his elbow yesterday! We decided to take advantage of Saturday's first Sunny day, in sometime now, and go ice skating. We have a nice large pond not far from home. Oh, we were having lots of fun skating, enjoying the sun, scenery, and just being in the great outdoors. AND it only takes one bad rut and falling wrong to end you in the ER. Yup, that's what happened. Surgery tomorrow and around 3 months healing!! Oh my, how things can change in a nano-second. Here's the Sunny Day.

So Lovely, a winter sun..........
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for visiting and please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you like. I always enjoy reading them. I may need lots of blogger friends seeing I will be nursing my husband for awhile. Blessing to all and be safe.    xoRobin❤


  1. Your poor husband!!!! Oh how horrible. I hope surgery goes well and he is healing quickly. I love your sock animals, they are so cute. Here in Florida it has been cold and yucky, but no snow. I miss a few days of snow when you stay inside all nice and cozy. Good luck with the surgery, hope he is a good patient.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Hope your husband mends quickly. I'm all too aware how things can change in an instant. Makes you wish there was a re-wind button on life.

  3. Oh Robin.. I'm so sorry. That's a bad thing to break your elbow.. ugh. Love your sock animals.. I have made a few sock monkeys and have 2 more to go. Hug your hubby for me and you too, as the caregiver.

    Hugs, Teresa

  4. Thanks, Meredith, Denise, and Teresa for your kind words and loving my sock animals! Surgery in a few hours from now. ❤Robin

  5. First of all - so sorry to hear about your poor husband!! I hope he will not be in too much pain as his elbow heals. You will be a busy nurse, I expect. I loved seeing your snowy pics - such a lovely place you live in. And the sock toys are so sweet - very cuddly. Keep enjoying all your activity - but take care! Helen x

  6. So sorry about your hubby! Hope it is not too painful for him and recovery goes quicker than expected! Love your sock animals, how adorable! You did a great job! ♥

  7. Oooh, a broken elbow is nasty. I hope all mends correctly and quickly as possible. Your sock animals are really great.

    You can post them or any other projects on my new Crafty Links page.

  8. Oh, many warm thoughts to your husband from Finland, I wish he'll be feeling better soon!

    The sock-animals are so cute, I have a soft spot both elephants and bears so these are just so cuddly. If only I had some more time I would love to try these too - thank you for sharing, Robin!

    I wish you a peaceful and healing weekend with lot's of sunshine!


  9. Hello Robin, sorry to read that your husband has fractured his elbow....I hope he recovers swiftly. I often treat patients with elbow fractures, they can be a bit tricky but I am sure he will do well. Your sock elephant is very cute indeed! Keep warm in all that snow.
    Jane x

  10. Oh Robin! I'm sorry to hear about your husband! a broken elbow must be so bad and painful! Hope he recovers soon!
    I've been going to zumba for 3 months, I love it!!! I'm going almost 5-6 times a week now and I'm tonning and loosing weight! keep going!