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Monday, January 31, 2011


This is all about winter cheer through my new tulips!!!!! Boy, did I need to buy myself some cheer!!! Aren't this pretty, nothing like tulips in the dead of winter. Let me show you more.

 Oh, I didn't tell you I bought daffadils too :  )
 Just a breath of happiness and smiles
 Flowers send to my husband during his recovery......so kind.......Thank you friends for all your kind words of healing for my hushand. He is indeed so much better and not in any discomfort. Stitches out (lots of them), cast off, brace on and slow physical therapy started. SOOOOO we are  2 weeks out of the 8 week healing to be back to almost full extension and flexion!!!! Thank you, thank you again.

I am also back to work and back to having more me time, so the first thing I do is Post to you all.  Thank you for visiting and reading my nest of happenings. xo Robin❤

I will end with two pictures and major storm coming tuesday-wedsesday!!!!!!!!!!! also 7 degrees F


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous, Robin! Just what we need to cheer up these last days of January! I am so happy to hear that your husband's hand is healing good, great news!

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. I love your spring flowers, Robin, and especially the pictures of your house - I'd love a house like yours but we don't seem to have them round here! I'm so glad your husband's broken arm has mended so quickly and that life is getting back to normal for you. Have a great week. Helen x

  3. Robin,
    So glad to hear your husband is onthe mend. your flowers are beautifula nd hint of Spring. Hope you have your projects lined up for the big snow storm. It sounds cozy,
    Havea wonderfulday,

  4. Good news that your husband is recovering well. Oh my what beautiful photos of the storm that is one awesome icicle.
    Keep smiling Robin. xxx

  5. Dear Robin, I'm glad to hear hubby's hand is getting better! Love your flowers and now I have the wanties! Maybe you'll see some flowers on my blog soonish.. :-) Hugs, Teresa

  6. Hi Robin. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy today. I am always so happy to hear from new visitors! I would love to see your finished wand when you get it completed. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it! We could use some fresh flowers around our home these days. Expecting 10" of snow tonight. Seem the cold will never end. Dreaming of warmer days. :)

  7. Hi and thank you so much for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
    The snow looks so pretty but not so good when you can't get around.Love your Spring-like post today.It's dull and wet here.Sorry your hubby has been poorly.Hope he is on the mend now. :0)

  8. The flowers are so fresh looking and pretty. So happy to learn you husband's elbow is returning back to normal. Love that sunshine in your photos!

  9. The flowers are a good reason to be happy, the second pic of the snow, with the huge icecycle is amazing!!!
    I'm glad to hear your husband is doing better... how are your zumba clases going??
    Thanks for your comment about my post of comments and blogs follow...

  10. Oh my - now I want to buy flowers when I go to the market today. We've entered the bleak, grey days of February here in Northern Ohio. Your Mom and her dog are adorable! Kathy in Ohio