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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday is for the BIRDS

Couldn't resist trying to put this mosaic together! These are all our winter birds I have been able to capture. Bluejays, cardinals, finches, and flock of robins in tree(from Pennsylvania not Vermont);  Bird nests, houses, branches and feeding ground.

It was so much fun to put this one together.....I'm getting a little bit more comfortable with this picaso photo collage making. Still new at this. I'm a work in progress!!!!

Weekend was great, lots of knitting, a visit from my daughter, husband home and some baking. What could be better? Oh yes, a lovely fire and coziness. Look at this fire!

I just love a fire and this one was roaring!!!

Can you see the lovely reflection? This is so neat, I just love the affect.

Well, I hope everyone is having or has had a lovely Monday and I hope it wasn't really for the birds!!!!!!

Do take care of yourselves, so we can all take care of others. xoRobin❤     And once again I thank you for visiting, as always.


  1. Hi Robin,
    There is NOTHING better than a woodburing fireplace! How cozy. I think winter weekends are meant for knitting and baking!
    Have a great day!

  2. Such a lovely cosy family weekend, you've been having - the kind I love too! I love your birdie mosaic - I must try harder to do some again - without having to ask Mr P to help!! Have a lovely week, Robin, and keep cosy. Helen x

  3. Robin,
    Love the picure of the fire...wish I was sitting right in front of it with my knitting or crochet project in my hands.
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  4. Lovely post again, Robin, you had all ingredients for a perfect weekend! The fireplace has been in use almost 24/7 here also, now the weather is getting warmer...ah...and sunshine too!

    Happy week!


  5. Hi Robin, we heat our house with a wood pellet stove so I'm so used to the pleasing radiant heat of a fire, nothing like it! I do miss the crackling of real wood though, but we have a fireplace in our livingroom for that. We had a good weekend and I'm glad yours was good too.

    Hugs, Teresa

  6. Hi Robin we also have an open fire in our front room and yes the sight and sounds of it roaring is wonderful.You are getting very clever with your collage making, the birds look great. You also take care of yourself... I hope your Hb is doing well?
    Jane x

  7. I love birds too and am always so thankful when I get to see them in the wintertime:)
    And I definitely love a nice roaring fire:)~

  8. Hi Robin. I love your newest mosaic! My dad feeding the birds so the girls and I get the benefit of admiring all of them when we visit on Sundays. They are so beautiful! Oh and I love that little baby cocoon. :)

  9. Love your bird collage Robin, birds are extremely hard to photograph. Those cardinals looks so beautiful, what a privilege to see something like that in the wild!
    Vivienne x