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Monday, February 28, 2011

Where does the time GO

Hi there friends, Where does the time go? I have missed posting but have popped in to lots of blogs that I so enjoy. Last week was a busy one, as I guess they are for everyone. Lots of the usual, errands, household chores, bills and you know all the basics. I did do a lot of knitting and a lot of shoveling. Yes, we got 22-24 inches of snow since last Friday-3 different storms. My husband picked a great winter to break his arm!!! I think I am developing biceps!

I've been trying to think of spring and can't remember what it feels like, it's been so long. So I started taking pictures around the house and came up with this collage of color.
Look at all my fruits and candies!!! Yummy, right!
One doesn't belong, but what would a day be without just a little chocolate treat.

So as you know I have been working on the twin's baby cocoon sacs. Here's a peek without the hats. I think I'm really slow compared to others, but then again whose comparing!

Look how cute! Let's hope they look more alike....................

This would be better for twins, don't you think?

Working on the hats blue and green. No stripes, have to get this done before they arrive!

Sharing this picture, I have in my granddaughters bedroom in my house. I just love it. It's called "The Giant" by N. C. Wyeth

Here's a close up of the children

I think it is so awesome, I love the beach and the waves, and the breeze, and the birds. SO magical. Hope you like it too.

One more item to Show and Tell:
I picked this up for my new furniture. I love miniature things.

This little white chair is so cute, I just love. I can see many cuties things sitting on it as time goes by.

I also have been making rootings of ivy for my spring-summer baskets and window boxes. My ivy has done so well over the winter. I have had to give it many pixie cuts to get them off the floor.
Look what's growing

I love ivy, it's so graceful, wispy, and flowing

Thanks so much for visiting this nest of mine. Hope you had fun reading and viewing bits and pieces of my life here in New England, USA.

I'm off to shovel more



  1. Robin, you are so cute! Love the colors and ivy (although I'm anti ivy in the ground as it's ruining our forests here). As long as you keep it contained it's good.. :-)

    Hugs.. Teresa

  2. Forgot to say your cocoons are ADORABLE!! :-)

  3. Hopefully the snow will be gone soon! I spotted daffodils sprouting today, so it won't be long until we are weeding instead of shoveling. Your knitted projects are wonderful!

  4. I DO love seeing snippets of your life there in New England! I love your knitting and I think you've produced those cocoons really fast! It's amazing to think you've had even more snow! Your ivy cutting are growing well, and I love the thought of planting up summer baskets. Have a wonderful week, and I hope the snow stops now and you can stop shovelling! Helen x

  5. Robin those cocoons are soooooo gorgeous the look fantastic!
    I adore that painting and I am now going to hunt for a print. That is so my kind of thing. Thank you for sharing it.
    Now go get that snow shoveled!!!! ;o)
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  6. Robin, You look so cute getting ready to go off and shovel. I love the cocoons, they are adorable. I think you had a great idea taking pictures of them with stuffed animals. N.C Wyeth was a true master, but I have to say Andrew Wyeth is my favorite. I have a copy of his Christina's World in my living room.
    Have a beautiful day,

  7. The cocoons are so sweet and so practical too.
    Love the little mouse with the ivy

  8. Hello Robin,

    Your winter sounds just like ours, but believe me, the spring is definitely coming :) And oh how fit you'll get for summer with all that shoveling, and chocolate will actually be needed to keep you going!

    I loved you knitting, so cozy and cute, the babies will look adorable in your creations!

    Happy Wednesday!


  9. Hi Robin, I loved seeing all these treasures on your post today. The cacoons will be so useful to the new twins;I would have loved something like that for mine when they were babies.The print is beautiful, such a lovely image that you can look at again and again and never get bored with.Keep warm, that is TOO much snow!
    Jane x

  10. Oh you poor thing! I hate to shovel snow. Your little cacoons turned out lovely. Thank you so much for your sweet comments at Tangled Happy. It is so nice to have some reader encouragement. I'm alway happy to see you there! :)

  11. Hi Robin
    Hopefully your snow will go away soon, spring should just be around the corner!!
    Love thoses sweet little cocoons. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. The snow just has to go away at some point:):)
    Love the cute little cocoons:)

  13. Love those cocoons. Beautiful red hat and good for you for having such a big smile even though you had to shovel.