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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My First Mosaic

Very exciting my first Mosaic, but I couldn't really tell you how I did it, other than I used Picaso.
Seasoned Chairs
I wanted to use, bighugelab, but I couldn't get that to work so I surfed "mosaics" on the web and ended up with this. Emma at Silverpebble@blogspot.com was kind enough to suggest this, but I am not that savvy. I know there must be a better way for a mac then the way I did it, but I did my best. If anyone knows a better way, I would love to learn.

Look at what those poor chairs have gone through this fall-winter so far. For the most part they still look good to me and inviting! Maybe not the buried ones.  Spring will come and those chairs will be used for what they were meant and not just snow holders!

I have been feeding the birds a fair bit this winter due to all the snow. I have gotten cardinals to visit.

And lots of bluejays.......boy they are very bossy and nasty.

I think they have eaten most of the bird seed wreath. I have also had little finches but couldn't get a picture. They are quick and mostly scared off by the bluejays.

I found this lovely nest in my yard and was wondering which bird family lived in it last year. It is holding up so well in all this weather and has it's own mountain of snow on it! Nature is so amazing!

Lastly, I wanted to try my hand at this mosaic of the weather that we had all in one Day today! It's quite something, remember all today!

                                                                           One Day

Thanks for visiting my friends, I really have to get back to knitting. Cocoons and caps awaiting, babies due end of March!!

Blessings to all and Happy Almost Valentine's Day to all you lovelies❤


  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos. Love the bluejays.
    Have a great week.
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  2. I love what you are doing with your photos. I am seeing less and less birds down here in Florida. We have a big ones but the robins, blue jays and such are just not around. Maybe they are up north knowing you will feed them.
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Wow - you made some mosaics and they look great! I must admit I'm not much good at things like that, I have to have help from Mr P. I loved the bird pictures - cardinals and blue jays, such lovely names. In fact I loved all your pictures, and am very impressed with the mosaics - must have another try myself soon! Helen x

  4. Love the bird photos! The blue and white look so pretty together. Good job on the mosaics. Have you ever tried http://picnik.com? You can make smaller mosaics there for free, and it is like using photoshop online. It's a lot of fun!

  5. Ooops. my link for picnik didn't work....

  6. Dear Robin, gosh I love your bird photos.. we don't have Cardinals in Oregon but we do have Blue Jays. I love those red birds!!! Good job on the mosaics.. I made one using PhotoShop on my Mac.. really is a lot of work, I think I'll just stick with doing one photo at a time... LOL

    Hugs, Teresa

  7. Lovely images, both mosaics and the happy chubby birdies! It took me some time to get to use BigHugeLabs´s Mosaicmaker too, and I still only can load pictures from my flicks-account :)

    I am also happy to hear that some Finnish tweets have arrived :) Happy spring with them!


  8. Your mosaic photo is really great Robin but sounds hard to do? I have tried fiddling with some of the on line sites but I think I need more time! I loved seeing the bird photos too, so different to the birds I see in my garden. I hope your Hb is doing well and he is nearly there with his elbow?
    Jane x

  9. Hi Robin. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy today. Love your mosaics. I just recently made my first mosaic. I was able to use Big Huge Labs but I ended up creating a flickr account to simplify using it. I am a Mac user as well and was thinking the same as you. There should be an easier way! Your bluejays are beautiful and that little nest what a cool picture. :)

  10. I am watching a blackbird the last week or so building the nest,amazing I left out bits of wool to see if he'd use some and guess what he did!!!!