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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheer up Sunshine!

Hi lovely ladies, Missed you all but kept up with all your wonderful blogs. No sun, still gloomy, kind of affected my mood. I know it will come and then it will be too hot, I know all this BUT it's been a looong winter. Snow almost gone, a few iris greens poking through and daffies, but still no sun! Here's a peek of what I'm talking about.

Still have to clean the beds.

I have a picture of my latest visit to MA. to  see my granddaughters. "Big A" is in her new Nannie made sweater and I think she looks so sweet.

Here's the other munchkin

I could eat them both UP!

I'm working on two new projects. One is another felted bag. I will be making it larger then the last. And it will be a WiP because it is sooooooo boring to just knit knit knit, but it will make a nice gift.
Here's a picture, the colors are called mercury and orchid.

My other knitting project is a baby hoodie for someone I work with. She is having a baby girl. She already has a son so she is very excited for this little pink bundle.

I had this hoodie for "Big A" when she was 2. It really worked out nicely for easy care and wearing. This yarn is so soft and will wash well.

Part of my Cheer up Sunshine attempt were these beautiful tulips from the food store. Just a breath of cheer.

I love the variation in the petals. Don't know the names....just knew I had to have them!

I have been trying to come up with a label for my finished projects.So I have been experimenting with stamps and ink pads. I have come up with this, but will probably order professional ones at some point. Here's a peek of my first  attempt.

I will be working on this, just an idea at the moment.

Thank you all for popping in. Please don't hesitate to say hi, I read all my comments and cherish them all.
Hope you all have a swell week and enjoy whatever you are doing.    



  1. Oh Robin.. what a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your precious darlings and the cute sweater you made for them. What a wonderful grandma!

    Hugs -- Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Robin,

    I know that feeling, it's ALMOST there, sun shines-no-shines and it's somewhat beautiful but still. It's been a long and hard winter (here and at yours) so we need to take it slow...Summer will be with us soon :)

    Your knitting is beautiful - and I see a new felt bag coming, yippee! I watch movies when I knit, DVD's are just great, I have been through Madmen, Boston Legal, Dynasty...You name it!

    Happiest Easter-week, dear friend!


  3. I know what you mean, everything seems so much more do-able when the sun shines, we've been very lucky here the past few days weather wise, and I'm sure better weather is not too far away for you now.

    Love all your knitty makes, darling grand daughters who I'm sure bring plenty of sunshine with those pretty smiles and hugs for grandma.

    Have a lovely Easter,
    lily x

  4. Lovely things in this post Robin! Your little grand daughters look so sweet and your knitting is gorgeous! I love the colours of the new bag, it will look very stylish. Love the tulip pix and your little labels too. I hope the sun comes out for you very soon now and opens up the flowers - it's been a looong winter hasn't it? Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  5. What pretty little granddaughters!
    Love all the new knitting Robin and your little labels are so pretty. :)
    The sun will come for you and I think it's a good idea to keep buying yourself pretty flowers until your own arrive!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Those dafs are peeping up Robin, you are nearly there...and I thought we had a long winter! Your granddaughters are so delightful, I am sure you are a doting grandma and the knitting looks fab. Your tulips are just the right medicine for bringing some spring indoors. Take care and sending you some of the heat wave we re having here...24oc today.I shall blow it to you with a hug,
    Jane x