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Thursday, April 28, 2011

❤Royal Goodness❤

Hi Ladies,

Well, the time is almost here, the wedding of the century. I am so excited to see William and Kate marry and I wish for them all the love and happiness that life can bring. I do so remember Diana's wedding and now her son. She would be so proud. I know she will be with them tomorrow and smiling brightly.

So I have received all my souvenirs just in the nick of time.  You can picture me with a pot of tea and my new mug. Tea towel close by and my shopping bag on the sofa with my yarns. Oh, and of course some breakfast treats, freshly baked scones.

Here are my CK purchases I treated myself to. All arrived in one piece and I am one happy person.

Of Course I had to buy 2 of everything. I will part with a few.......maybe........I think.
Front and back

Lovely Tea towel, colors are so bright Red, White, and Blue.

I love the bag for groceries, books, knitting, or just about anything and everything.
Don't think I can part with one of these.

Just loved the look of the red daisy next to the mugs. (flower not CK)
push up collapsable daisy 

Even the wrappings were pretty. Linens came in this.
special delivery

Well, I did well for myself!

Ladies that's all! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow and all the excitement. God Bless Will and Kate.



  1. Lovely Cath Kidston things, lucky you! I was eyeing these goodies up myself in Selfridges the other day... Enjoy the wedding! Sarah x

  2. Awww... I want some W&K stuff! Guess I will need to go to their website and copy you.. LOL I'll be watching the wedding - we're recording it!

    Hugs, Teresa

  3. Lovely Royal Wedding memorabilia, we are going to a party in the park, just outside our town Cathedral, to celebrate the day.

    Let's raise our glass and wish the Royal Couple a long and happy marriage.

    Enjoy the day, lily x

  4. Fun goodies for a perfect day. They looked so beautiful did they not? Kate is stunning and looked so happy.
    Have a great day,

  5. What a great day it has been, wasn't Kate so beautiful with her handsome prince. The dress was stunning! I do hope you enjoyed the day Robin.
    Vivienne x

  6. So happy that you enjoyed the day too Robin, such a moving ceremony, I must confess to shedding a tear or two.
    lily x

  7. You have some pretty fantastic new stuff, Robin! I love CK too, but it's hard to get here, I think I need to net-order something too!

    Happy weekend!


  8. Just loved every minute! Such a memorable occasion, and we all got to share in their happiness and love. I thought it was so beautiful and elegant from Kate's dress, to the service, to the kiss! (kisses)! Happy Weekend everyone, xoRobin❤

  9. I didn't watch it as we have no tv and it was on at 11pm here! However, I did read the papers and see lots of pictures the next day, people love and need a good celebration don't they! Loving your mugs!!!

  10. Hello Robin! I'm so glad you got your CK things safely this time!! I was so sad when the earlier ones were broken! What a lovely wedding it was - perfect in every way!! Wonderful feel good celebrations all around! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  11. Hi Robin.... and what a wedding it was, everything was just perfect. Glad to see your CK gifts arrived all in time and intact. I too had my tea in my wedding cup and saucer and used our CK tea towel!
    Happy May Day,
    Jane x

  12. Hi Robin,thank for your lovely comment.You have got some really nice wedding memorabilia there.I sometimes think that sort of thing can be a bit tacky,if you know what i mean,but yours are gorgeous! I love anything CK anyway,as you may have noticed when reading my blog.I watched from early in the morning on Friday..didn't want to miss a thing! It really was a perfect day wasn't it?

  13. Hi Robin, the pattern for "The Little Red Smock" is from Sublime 610 "The Luxuriously exotic soya cotton hand knit book".......I don't think the pattern is listed on the ravelry database, but you may be able to purchase the book online.

    I too may need to find a bible study group to get a better understanding of this amazing book.
    lily x