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Friday, May 6, 2011


Popping in to wish everyone in the USA a very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. It seems from blogs a while ago that the UK and beyond had Mother's Day already. Well, I'm wishing all of you another Happy Mother's Day from the USA. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can all be outside, walking, picnicking, gardening or just reading/knitting in the sun. Now wouldn't that be lovely.

My one and only Christmas cactus blossom wishes you cheer. Why now and why just one flower??????

Jack also wishes you a glorious Mother's Day!❤!

 Thanks for stopping in, always so nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you are up to. See you all soon.



  1. Happy Mother's Day Robin, I hope you have a lovely day! :)
    Vivienne x
    P.S. What a handsome fellow Jack is!

  2. Dear ❤Robin❤, Happy Mother's Day to you too! I got such a kick out of your Christmas cactus giving you a MD flower! Your plant is so nice and healthy and bushy!! How long have you had it? I have 3 and I love them. One from my aunt, one from my Mom and one from the store.


  3. Wishing you a lovely Mothers Day Robin, with lots of time for knitting and relaxing. My Christmas cactus has been flowering at the oddest times this year too, very strange!
    lily x

  4. Robin...wishing you a wonderful day. Love your blog as isisal and Jack I just want to reach in and pet your cute nose.

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Robin! We celebrate it here tomorrow too!



  6. Happy Mother's Day weekend Robin! Your Christmas cactus looks very pretty flowering there, I love the bright pink shade - can't offer any advice on why only the single flower, but at least there is one!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    Helen x

  7. awww look at Jack! He's gorgeous. Happy Mother's day to you Robin and all you all the lovely Mum's in the USA. xx

  8. Hope your Mother's Day was filled with lots of people and things you love. Mine was! Jack is looking super cute. :)

  9. Hi Robin ,hope you had a wonderful Mother's day, ours was on 3rd April, the day I had my "big" birthday party. Jack is very handsome indeed, give him a big pat. We're still having lots of sunshine here...sending some your way.
    Jane x