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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Mail❤✉❤

I am so lucky! I received not just one but two packages! I get so excited when I open up my mailbox and see something other then bills or junk mail. I skip the whole way back to the house. I make myself wait until I am inside and can really take the whole thing in! I take pictures step by step to share with all of my friends and just savor every moment! So what came? OK here's the first, remember when I was the winner of Mia's giveaway, from miashandmade.blogspot.com! Well, it came and so beautifully wrapped and created. Wait to you see the card Mia made also. I think I will keep it forever. SO here's a cluster of pictures.

Isn't this amazing and something to cherish! Thank you Mia❤

Next is something I purchased from the lovely and talented Vanessa at doyoumindifiknit.typepad.com. I love her talent so much and would love to have one of her sculptures, but for now I am settling for these amazing notecards with some of my favorite's. So here goes. I know you will be jealous...............

I told you, aren't they fantastic! : )

One more activity I am enjoying. I started my first Queen Anne's Lace Scarf. It is such fun and very easy. I am loving the Noro silk garden yarn. The variegation is so beautiful. I'm hoping to make quite a few for future gifts. Who can't use a delicate decorative scarf? What do you think? I'm probably the last to be making one of these, but I have so many things I want to make, my list grows every day!

Ladies, it's been so nice catching up with all of you. I love you all and am thankful for my blogging community. You all motivate me and I hope I at least entertain you. Have a nice day and thank you for popping in to my nest.


  1. Lots of wonderful goodies in the post for you today, Robin........I especially love those cards from Vanessa, just gorgeous.

    I haven't spied one of thoses scarves before, they look lovely and would make fantastic gifts, Noro yarn comes in some beautiful colours.

    lily x

  2. Oh dear Robin,

    I am so happy your little flowers made it to you, and you were happy with the package! It was a pleasure to make them for you!

    The cards you ordered are adorable, I have been fan of Vanessa's papier-mache(what is the right word here?) creations for a long time and dream for having a mouse or birdie myself one day. Cards would do greatly also, I am off to check them closely!

    Have a wonderful May dear friend!


  3. I love that Noro yarn! I love Noro yarn in general, and it's beautiful to wear too, your scarf is going to be GORGEOUS! What a beautiful package Mia put together for you, the love and care with which she put it together is so obvious. It's wonderful when someone has put something together for you specially. I'm so pleased you love the cards, you say the nicest things about them and my work, thank you so much! It's a special thing to be mentioned on someone's blog, and you have been so nice about me, a big thank you. Love Vanessa xxx

  4. You HAVE had a good day, Robin! How lovely to win Mia's fabulous giveaway! And I am a big admirer of Vanessa's work so I'm glad you bought some of her beautiful new cards! Love the pretty lace knitting too - I must get some of that Noro yarn, the colours are so delicious. Have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  5. Who's a lucky girl then? What lovely packages to receive!
    I warn you Queen Anne scarves are addictive! Yours is beautiful. I will buy Noro one of these days.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, you are always so very kind.

  6. Robin there is nothing better than real mail is there! What a lucky girl you have been, Mia's work is beautiful. Your scarf is really stunning, I can't wait to see it finished. I love catching up with you and reading your posts and I alway love to see you at my blog too. Isn't blogging such a fun friendly thing to do...Thanks for being a bloggie buddie. Cheers!
    Jane x

  7. ooh...what fun wins!! Everything is so cute:)

  8. Dear Robin, I do think we all love you! :-) I think I'll follow your lead and get some Vanessa cards, I adore her work and her personality so much - we share doggie love. You've inspired me to frog my knitted scarf that is rolling up like a tube and use it to crochet some more Queen Anne's Lace scarves. Hugggggggggs to you, Teresa

  9. Hi Robin, it's always lovely to receive 'happy mail', isn't it!
    Mia certainly knows how to wrap a gift beautifully, her little flowers are gorgeous and her cards are always great.
    I'm a big fan of Vanessa's work too, she's very clever.
    Your scarf is lovely, such pretty colours. :)
    Vivienne x