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Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like a Lion!

Hello there my friends,

I'm back and running and having a little free time today to blog. Hurray!!! I have missed this time. A trick of mother nature has made it possible. Yes, indeed a winter storm on March 1st!! We haven't had much snow to speak of all winter and so the Leap Year has brought it on!

It is pretty!

My visit to see Mom was very productive. I arranged home care for her and took her to doctor visits.  Things are coming along. BUT boy, I wish I were closer. Life just get so complicated sometimes and we all have to do what we can. We talk everyday, so that helps her and myself get by. My brother and his family are very helpful....we are a team!

Lots to show you involving a snow sculpture at Dartmouth College where I live and some beautiful nature. I don't think I ever mentioned I live within minutes to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. It is really fun to live in a college town. Always lots of kids around and things going on. Here take a peek. My honey thinks the sculpture is silly because he remember years of much better ones. BUT they actually had to bring snow in so I think this was easy!

Who doesn't like a Cupcake!

Baker Library, Global Warming, Dartmouth, amazing trees. I will definitely take more pictures as Spring arrives and it gets prettier

On President's Day here most of us have off, so I was able to visit and meet up with my daughter and little ones. We met half way at a shopping outlet. Lunch, shopping, granddaughters, daughter and free time, need I say more. Here's what was the high point for the littlies!

Remember these rides with your kids or your children now. I remember mine begging to ride and I almost never had quarters. (maybe on purpose) Well nannie, had no problem finding lots of quarters on this day! Good old simple fun!

Look at these fun things! I love Mollie Makes magazine.....yes, I have it come all the way to the USA. I think I should be from England. Some of my ancestors were, maybe that's where this love comes from : )

I have a Babushka thing going on

Can't wait to make this keyring.......You can't imagine how much happiness this brings ME!!!!
And I had just bought this tin to make a little family of them : )

Now I am in heaven.

I found this iPhone case on the web...... just had to get it. It says it all!

Polka dots have been happening too........Hooky Happiness. Check out my Etsy shop on side panel if you like

I have to leave you with this. Oh how I can't wait to put this on my side door. I fell in love with the whole tin design.....

Thank you so much for visiting. I am so happy to be back in the swing of things. I hope wherever you are, you are happy, safe, and cosy!



  1. Hey Robin, I have just got home and turned on blogger to see your first post for ages. Welcome back it's great to see you here again.I am glad you have been able to help your dear Mum. We are enjoying some spring weather here, it's 16c and sunny in my garden at the moment. Take care,
    Jane x

  2. Robin, so glad you are back and things went well with your Mom. My kids loved those simple rides and just liked sitting on them, they didn't even have to be moving. I used the beautiful hook you made me to make my latest yarn baskets, I still love it.
    Hope you are having a fantastic day, you are surely having a beautiful one.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hello Robin! It's lovely to see you today and your blog is looking so pretty. Loved seeing the cupcake sculpture! And the little birdhouse sign is gorgeous and so springlike. I'll be visiting your shop any time now for new hooks!So glad things went well with your mum. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  4. Hi Robin! Glad to see you are back! Seeing those rides made me chuckle! I never had quarters either :) I love Mollie Makes, and am looking forward to seeing your cute matryosha doll! xoxo Debbie

  5. It's wonderful to have you back, Robin! I'm happy to hear that you got so many things sorted while visiting your mom!

    And even it's 1st of March, we have HEAVY snowing going on here too... Oh man, where's the spring?!

    Your new hooks look so cheerful!

    Wonderful March!


    P.S Anyone else having hard time proving you're not a robot ;) ???

  6. Lovely upbeat post Robin! I love the snow cupcake! Strange to see lots of snow when its almost spring here.I am hoping here in the Uk we dont get any more snow now til next winter!

  7. Welcome back, my friend! I'm glad you're feeling better about Mom and you are getting some help with her. I treasure my hook you made me. Yep, I will be spinning the Alpaca, but I think I need to get a big drum carder. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hi and welcome back! Love those spotty hooks,and your metal sign.It's been lovely and warm here the last few days.Lets hope Spring is just around the corner.We have rain forecast for the weekend :0(
    Thankyou for your sweet comment.
    Take care.

  9. Such a lovely post Robin...It must help so much that you are all a team making sure your mum is o.k...it makes things so much easier and I'm sure it helps your mum so much to be able to speak to you every day...
    Love the cupcake sculpture and those crochet hooks are so pretty...I wish I could crochet!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Keep warm!
    Susan x

  10. Hi Robin, good to have you back again, so glad things are improving for your mum.
    Oh dear not more snow for you, not very springlike is it! Hopefully spring will arrive for you soon.
    I love the cupcake sculpture. :)
    Lovely for you to spend some time spoiling your grandaughters.
    Vivienne x

  11. Hi, just discovered your blog, lovin it.
    Just off to your Etsy store now.....need a dotty yarn hook for myself. X