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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Lucky Little Lady"

Oh, what fun I had this weekend making my Mollie Makes Magazine gift. I love getting a little craft each month to make a little something and it normally quick, useful and fun to make. This month was so special and I enjoyed each little red stitch. Lots of little stitches too! I will put this to use and enjoy its present in my purse and the keeper of my keys. Here's a step by step photo mosaic.

The kit came with everything you needed except stuffing! So it was perfect.

Here is my finished Lucky Little Lady----"Dotty"

Great pattern and I may make more in the future for gifts!

I have this little chalk board that I often leave a simple message or quote and it came true!!

And Shine it Did, of course we still have snow but the light and warmth was fabulous.

I have this delightful chicken garland that my daughter gave me for Christmas that I just love. I decided to place it on the door off our kitchen. It looks so nice and as a bonus it rings when someone comes in!

It is a lovely addition to the entrance, making everyone welcome.

I wish everyone a wonderful week and I hope there is sunshine where you are or at least sunshine in your home. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time. I love your visits and comments.

Take care, xoRobin❤


  1. Yes we got sunshine too! That's a lucky little chalk board you have. :)
    Your little key ring is very pretty, I have one too but it's not made up yet.
    Love the chickens as well.
    Have a great week Robin,
    Vivienne x

  2. Love that chicken garland!!!! And your little lady is adorable too! Enjoy the sunshine! xoxo Debbie

  3. What a sweet post! I love your little sewn keychain.. you're right, those would make beloved gifts. I would like to get Mollie Makes but I'm not sure how to subscribe. We might get snow tonight, but it will be fleeting. Your chicken garland is adorable! I've seen similar ones and I'd love to have one on my door too. Have a great week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hello dear Robin,

    I am sending you some more sunshine! Even it's VERY cold here SUN SHINES from early morning until afternoon, so I definitely have some to spare! It's coming as I type... Hopefully it'll brighten up your day soon!

    That little keyring is so pretty, and yippee, you have the pattern now to make more with different colors! That design would work with similar thing than those chickens (adorable)...many dolls in a string... ideas... inspiration...

    Wonderful Tuesday!


  5. What a lovely sunshiney happy post Robin, the key ring is gorgeous and the sunshine snowy pictures are beautiful. xx

  6. Love the sunshine coming in your windows. I think your little key chain is adorable, I need to get a copy of that magazine, and the chicken garland is soooooo cute. Great present.
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Hi Robin, what a sweet keyring you made. It's great when a kit contains everything. Your wish came true with the sunshine...sending you more from over here.
    Jane x

  8. I've never seen a chicken garland before. Very cute! On this side of the world, we can get them with elephants or birds.

    A friend brought me back a copy of Mollie Makes from the States last year and I enjoy flipping through it. Would be fun to receive a little craft kit every month, especially with such lovely results. But I don't sew very well. :/

    I hope your week is filled with warmth and sunshine. Tammy


  9. Hi Robin, I love the chicken garland, its really beautiful and a gift I would have loved to receive.
    I see you are still hanging on to the snow in your neck of the woods, we have been away for a couple of days and the weather has been sunny and cold but very spring like.

  10. Hello Robin I love your Lucky Little Lady, you have made her beautifully! All your pictures are so pretty and light filled. Wishing you lots of sunshine for the rest of the week!
    Helen x

  11. Yes it's sunshining here today, though I needed that last weekend instead but all we got then was rain sleet and hail.....pop over to my blog fleur.blogspot.com to look at the view out of my window on Sunday...certainly not as cheerful as your pictures!
    Here's hoping for a sunnier weekend this week.

    Love your 'molly make' it's very sweet.
    Fleur xx

  12. I'm glad to see that things are moving back to a more normal pace of life for you. Spring is a lovely time of year isn't it! That chicken garland is sooo cute! I love the expressions in the eyes of the chickens.

  13. I just found your blog through happy little cottage and I think it's adorable. I am your newest follower. Patty