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Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 Trips to the Vineyard and Back

Oh my, it's been a whirly wind! Excellent, but fatiguing. Two trips to Martha's Vineyard, one on the weekend and one two days later. "Trouble in the Vineyard". First trip great until I discovered washing machine tank 2mm from overflowing. Believe me that would have been a disaster, if I hadn't gone to open up the house. It would have flooded until Memorial Day, our next time down!!!! BUT I found it, panicked a little, and then got to work solving the situation. Spin cycle every 4 hours for the rest of the weekend, purchasing a new stackable W/D and back down 2 days later for installation! Meanwhile plumber came and put in a valve to turn off water just for the washer! Hurray, problem taken care of, until the next.....hope there is not a next : )            (we all know that won't happen, there is always a next)

1st trip down pictures

The NEW huge Martha's Vineyard Ferry. It has a double decker car lift inside. I was on the second level for the first time ever. It was a little scary, but completely safe.

                                                        Jack didn't know what to think!

                         Arranged some fresh cut flowers from the yard, in my test tube vases

My heart stone collection, mantel with my bunting for the 4th, my sea glass collection, and my newest blocks

These are the only flowering plants at the moment, more to come as the weather continues to get warm and stay warm!

Second trip

I don't know why you would want to see my old and new washer and dryer, but for my record I've decided to document it.   Sorry to bore you.

And then for the scariest part.........look what I had to drive home in for some of the 4+ hour drive.


                                                               "Such threatening sky's".

It was so dark and it was daylight!!!!! (soon to be dusk) 

There was thunder and lightening almost at the same time, which means I was in the heart of the storm. I called my husband to let him know.........in case anything happened. Yes, I was scared and timid to be driving. But I'm hear to tell the story.

Thanks for reading my story and mostly for visiting my blog. I love, the fact, that I have so many friends that have gathered here and continue to visit. I have such fun visiting all of you and seeing what you have been up to. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.



  1. Gosh, what a busy bee you have been, dealing with all these things and driving through a big storm!! What a wonderful place to stay though....Martha's Vineyard always seems so romantic to me!! Look forward to the next installment of your whirly wind life!
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  2. Martha's Vinyard! How nice! You must have a summer home there. That looked like some pretty nasty weather you were driving in!! Where is your home? I am now quite confused.
    XO Kris

  3. Wow, Robin.. a place on Martha's Vineyard.. must be nice! We took a ferry to Nantucket and I have to tell you, it was a high point of my life! Our ancestor was one of the men who bought the island from the Indians there. We'll be in your side of the country soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. When are we all invited for the weekend. I would promise to properly rub Jack's belly and take him for a walk. You and your blog are lovely to visit, don't forget that.

  5. Hi Robin!! How lucky you are to have a summer home on Martha's Vineyard!! It looks like such a beautiful place. I am happy disaster was averted with the washer... AND I close my eyes when it lightnings and thunders. I would have pulled over :) xoxo Debbie

  6. Hello Robin,

    Lovely to see all these pictures from your journey's - it's almost I could be visiting them too! A big storm there, too, looking scary, I wish it's not a regular visitor?

    Wishing you a happy weekend and sending some warm weather your way!


  7. Hi Robin, how lucky you were to catch the flooding machine before it was too late! I'm so glad all is sorted. The new ferry looks fun despite dear Jack's face! I seem to be missing a couple of your lovely photos, they just show up as purple squares...I wonder if it's just me? Have a lovely weekend with more calm weather too,
    Jane x

  8. Hi Robin, lovely post, I enjoyed seeing your photos.I would love to explore that part of the world someday.I notice you collect sea glass! I have brought some home with me from our recent holiday and they look really pretty in a lovely glass container.

  9. Martha's Vineyard is such a lovely name for a place, you're so lucky to be able to visit!
    That is quite a storm you had to drive through, very brave.
    I was just catching up with the rest of your New York trip - amazing!!!
    Have a lovely week Robin,
    Vivienne x