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Monday, May 21, 2012

"Not Again"!

Hello my friends thank you for stopping in, its great to see that you are visiting!

Do you remember this time last year when we had a guest visiting us and stayed for quite some time. Really was quite bold I must say. Well, it has happened again.....and in the most inconvenient residence.

Here take a look

                                     See this deck chair? Well, wait till you see the next picture.

Right on the chair seat! What are we going to do? We have waited so long to have nice weather to be outside and now this. I don't know how it could have happened so quickly.

                     First there were 2 eggs and then the next day 3. (didn't get photo of that)

                                          Today there were 4 eggs. What am I going to do??
                                                          What would you do? Help!!!!!!!

I was able to get a photo of the mommy bird seating on her nest from inside the house looking out.
Oh, forgot to mention, it is a Robin again.

Here are some home photos of some gardening and straighten up over the weekend. We had such beautiful weather. It could not have been any nicer.

                                         Flower basket with nasturtiums, lobelia, and daisies

                        Small herb container, more to come.     curly parsley, rosemary, basil


                                                          Cosy spot, great reading spot

                                                         Another cosy spot for rocking

But back to my dilemma, what to do, do I move the chair, anything else would make the mother never come back. I am sad because I think if we want to use our deck, the nest has to go. But I don't want to do that............suggestions please, what would you do?

Mr. Owl and I and Jack, of course, say good bye. Hope you have some comments for me and my predicament.

Thanks for stopping in, xoRobin


  1. I have no idea what to do about the nest, but I would love to color match those eggs!!
    Your outside spaces are so pretty and I hope you have lots of nice weather to enjoy it! xoxo Debbie

  2. Wow, what a neat thing to happen! Makes for great blog "fodder"! Those eggs are so pretty! Could you move the chair a few inches each day while she's off the nest until it's far enough away that you can use your outdoor table? You could call your local Audubon Society for advice? That's what I would do.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh my goodness me Robin, how incredible that the nest has beenmade there but I understand your predicament. I totally agree with Teresa, I would ask advice first. I also think that the birds must be quite happy with you around so probably could just move the chair into a better place on your deck. Those eggs are the most gorgeous colour and you deck is looks stunning with all your lovely flowers. Enjoy the sunshine and the birds,
    Jane x

  4. Wow Robin, mummy robin obviously thinks as she shares your name you're going to be ok with her raising her kids on your deck!
    Get advice, it would be such a shame if she abandoned her babies!
    Aren't the eggs such an amazing colour.
    Your home is so beautiful. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. How amazing that nest is and those perfectly blue robin's eggs! Though not the perfect place for them!! I would do as Teresa says and check with a birdie expert to see what would be the best thing to do.
    I love your deck and your flowers, you have such a beautiful home.
    Have a happy week, Robin :)
    Helen x

  6. How amazing!! I would put a tarp over my table to keep the rain out and enjoy every minute of the wonder of nature unfolding before your eyes. Those eggs are beautiful.
    Good luck and hugs,

  7. Oh no! I feel your pain. I fought off two different sets of nesting birds. One from the front porch, and one from the back porch. I am happy to say, I won!!! But once they lay eggs, it is almost a lost cause. I would move the chair a bit each day, until it is moved safely far enough away so that the mama bird can still raise them, and out of the way enough so as not to disturb them when you use your patio. Silly bird!! Good luck!!!

  8. this is the problem with birds... they will come back over and over again... I've had a problem on my front door! They insist on building a nest in whatever wreath i have there. They scare everyone that walks up!

  9. I would get advice from my local RSPB.It's unusual for birds to make their nests in such an open space.The eggs are a beautiful colour aren't they? Your flowers are looking lovely.I planted up some viola's yesterday,I love their little 'faces'.
    Enjoy the sunshine in your pretty garden. :0)