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Monday, May 7, 2012

I ❤ Vacations Part 1

Well, I have been back a week from the Big Apple, New York City vacation and it was so much fun. We had a lovely time with our daughter and her boyfriend. We stayed in Brooklyn and travelled and walked all over Brooklyn and Manhattan! We ate all our meals out and had the best time trying all new places. We had Thai, Italian, and American Fusion, yummy breakfasts and brunches. It was all so delicious. We had fabulous weather, sun and a little breeze, especially by the water and between the tall city buildings. It is so wonderful to go to a city where someone else knows all the places to see and all the best restaurants and how to get there. That is how it was for us, we had the perfect tour guides and company.

So after we got there on Friday after a five hour drive that really went quite well. The only trouble we had was in finding the hotel. Our GPS did not recalculate the detour and we went round and round in city traffic, but we made it and then all was fine. We meet up with the kids and I had a great fish dinner of hake with kale and beans and wow was it good. I love to eat out because quite honestly I don't really like to cook that much any more. I hate to admit it, but I think it's true. Sometimes its fun like around holidays!!!
So anyway, sorry for the side note, we parted ways so we could all get a good nights sleep for our full day on Saturday. Bed felt great!

Woke up Saturday morning to the sun rise right from our hotel window. It was beautiful, take a look. I think it was 6am.

                               It doesn't get much better then this. I'm so happy I woke up!

                                                         I watched it rise and it was fast!

We got ready for our day and soon met up with the kids and Betty. Remember Betty!?!

We went to this fantastic park in Brooklyn where between 8 and 9am it is a dog park and the dogs do not have to be leashed. Well, let me tell you it was so much fun to see so many dogs in one place playing and romping and just being happy. I didn't see or hear any major fights maybe just a few scruffels. Look at some of these dogs and scenery, you wouldn't even know you were in a city.

                             As you can see it was a beautiful day and a Spring was sprung!

From there we had a delightful breakfast at this small restaurant near L and M's apartment in Brooklyn. It was so good, I think I had eggs, homemade toast, bacon and warm potato salad with great favor from sesame oil. It was just right for the next bit of walking and touring around the neighborhood.

From here we walked down by the water and saw L's studio.

Her studio is on the 3rd floor of this awesome brick building and artists dream.

Her space above and below the corridor of some of the other studios (oops---blurry)

Next to the water which was right here and look what we got to look at!

                                           Yes, the Statue of Liberty!! What a beautiful sight.

More walking to see Red Hook by the Channel which is the part of Brooklyn that L and M live.

                                                                     Fancy painting        

                                                          Scene from pier at Red Hook

Next we had a walk to see Dumbo a part of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Bridge, which we will actually walk over to go to a mystery dinner in Manhattan that night.

                                                                  Park near Dumbo

                                                 View of the Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo

                                           Jane's Carousel constructed in Philadelphia 1922

                                                                  Carousel in action

So beautiful and detailed

B Bridge from Dumbo

Now we are approaching the Bridge, after a quick rest in our hotel to get ready, for our mystery evening

The boardwalk is above the car traffic and is meant for foot and bicycles. Honey and I had our feet in sync.

Such iron work and beautiful stone work

                    View from top......Yes sire that is the Empire State Building, the tallest

                                 The American Flag as we are approaching the end! Just breathtaking

                                                    Archway to Manhattan a lovely sight

                                                               Some of the sights
                           Statues, City Hall, Flowers everywhere, Brownstones everywhere too

Just look at this plain Jane exterior, but no it was our Mystery surprise. NO SIGN, just simple, on a corner, no frills, door didn't open......

BUT you turn the corner and there was this lovely red brick, some plantings, then a small garden room and an entrance.....still no sign

You walk into this quaint and upscale two room restaurant. It was just so unique and lovely. The menu was so beautiful and delish. 

We had the best time. You couldn't help but feel like a celebrity for the night. I have to admit I did scan the room a few times for the rich and famous. I felt like the rich and famous.
IT was a memorable day and night.

The end of a perfect Day! Yes, all this in one day.......soooooo there will have to be a Part 2!!!
I hope you enjoyed our Brooklyn/Manhattan day. There is so much more to follow, Sunday was an award winner. I promise to get back soon, I think on Wednesday.

Much love and well wishes to all who visit. Stay well, keep positive and be kind❤



  1. Oh wow Robin, what a trip!!!!
    I would really love to visit NYC, I have an aunt and cousin who live in Brooklyn.
    The food all sounds wonderful. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. I so enjoyed Part 1 Robin, it brings back so many memories of our trip there. How lucky you are to have your own tour guides who know the place so well and that meal looked divine! Fab!
    Jane x

  3. Hooray for your wonderful trip!!! The pictures are gorgeous. I love that you took us along, it also sounds very yummy!
    Looking forward to seeing more,

  4. Fantastic post Robin. We have only walked across Brooklyn bridge but never explored brooklyn. We keep saying next time we go to New York that is a must for us to do.Brought back loads of memories for us.Thank you.

  5. Wonderful post, Robin!! I loved your pictures and all the details of your trip which make it so special to you and your family, and really interesting to read about. You captured the atmosphere, and the meals all sound delicious!Looking forward to Part 2!
    Helen x

  6. Oh Robin, you lucky thing, you! I love NYC!! I cannot wait to go again! SO much to see and do. Can't wait for you part 2.

  7. I was there for it and can't believe we did all that in a day! Come back?!

    xoxo Les

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  9. Hi, I'm a new follower...a Brit living in Spain.

    What an impressive trip I've been to Chicago but not got to New York yet. It certainly looks from all those photos that you are having a great time. I t was great to follow you around via those photos :-)

    keep well

    Crafty in the Med

  10. Looking lovely, Robin! I so would love to visit one day...*dreaming* and oh Betty, the sweetest!

    Have a wonderful week!


  11. Oh Robin.. what a wonderful time you had! How cool to get to see a real artists loft in the Big Apple! And to go to a special secret restaurant and all the things like the Statue of Liberty! You got to live a dream of mine that I have not gotten to do. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next installment!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)