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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweater time!

The second Fall/Autumn set in my knitting needles came out! Oh, I have missed them and click, click, click they went

So convenient that I have two friends having babies, so I could work on small projects. I think I do best with small projects right now. I can feel immediate satisfaction and results. That is really needed at the moment with all the slow making decisions I have had to make regarding my Mom.

I want to thank all of you for your concern for my mom and your kind words. IT is so appreciated and needed. We have decided to keep her in her home with a lovely live-in woman. My mom really did want to stay in her home and with her dog, so we just had to make it happen. My brother and I Skyped on Sunday and interviewed two ladies. It was excellent that we were able to do the interviews in this fashion. It meant I didn't have to travel down at this point. I will be traveling down in two weeks though. Skyping is really an amazing technology. I highly recommend trying it, BUT, you have to fix yourself up because you are on camera and the picture is not flattering. A rude awakening.......is that really me?!?   Well, enough of that! All these new plans go into affect on Thursday so I am hoping it is a smooth transition for my mom. I think it will be, she loves people. Thank you for listening and now let's move on to my needles..........

Click click click went my needles and look what appeared-------------->

                                                              Work in Progress

                                                     Blocking on foam poster board

                                          Border crocheted on for added detail for baby girl

                                                           Close up of picot border

                                                 Heart buttons to be sewn on after blocking

                                                                    Another angle


Heirloom Stitches Pattern--Heirloom    Ragman

size 18-24 months

Bulky weight yarn-Cascade yarns 128 Superwash  100% superwash wool
350 yds.

Needles 10 1/2 -32" circular   (US)
DPN's 10 1/2 (US)

This pattern goes all the way up to size 14, which I think is great.
It's a quick knit and only underarm seam to sew up. I will definitely be making more!!!

I will show the sweater again off the blocking board :  )

Next on my needles will be your classic baby beenie hat for newborns in blue. I'll be back with updates. Thanks so much for your visit and comments, I love them and your visits always.

Have a great day and evening,  xoRobin

I always like to leave you with a Kodak moment  ;  )

                                         Little "A" and Littlest "E"'s decorated PuMpKiNs


  1. I am so glad you found a way to keep your Mom in her home with her beloved dog, you will be able to rest much easier knowing she is being looked after. Love the baby sweater, glad your needles have come out of summer hibernation.

  2. What good news to hear that you were able to keep your Mom at home with her beloved doggin'! I hope this works out great for her!
    I love the little baby sweater with pink crochet trim! And the buttons...oh so sweet!!! I am very eager to learn some more advanced techniques with knitting!!! I love the click, click, click! It is so soothing!

  3. Dear Robin, it is so great that you find a solution for your mum enabling her to stay in her home with her dog.
    So she can stay in familiar surrondings. The little baby sweater looks lovely I relly like the buttons. I love to sew something for my kids because the little sewing works are often ready soonest. So I have a quick result and can start something new. Have a lovely week. Hugs Nicole

  4. So glad you have got a good resolution to your Mum's situation. It sounds ideal, still in her own home with her little dog for company, I really hope it works for all of you.
    Love the knitting, new babies at this time of year need something cosy. :)
    Cute pumpkins. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. I'm sooooo glad that you have gotten the situation with your Mom resolved! What a relief for you and your family! That sweater is an award winner and will be loved by it's little owner. Beautiful!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Aaah so sweet!
    This will look so good on a baby....
    I'm glad for you and your family that your mum is ok now
    in her own home, that's so important to have that sorted.
    Love from Mirjam.

  7. Good morning Dear Robin.. I am so delighted to hear that you have found the right solution for your dear Mum's future. How lovely that she can stay in her own home and have her little dog with her. Skype is incredible isn't it and a fantastic way that you can see her everyday if not actually in person. Your little baby knit is so cute, the border and heart buttons finish it off to perfection.
    Jane x

  8. Dear Robin So pleased to hear that you have sorted out the right care for your lovely mother....it's so good that she can stay in her own home, especially as she can keep her little dog with her.
    Your new knitting is so sweet...now is just the time to get the needles clicking :)
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  9. Lovely, positive post, Robin, and the greatest news! It's fantastic that your mom can stay home still, and her dog can stay with her too. Made me so happy to hear this!

    And that little cardigan is the sweetest, happy knitting and lovely, sunny weekend!


  10. I'm new to your blog so really popping by and catching up! Love that baby girl sweater, the recipient will be one stylish little lady!

    *waves hello* Hazel x