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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What are you doing down there?

That's what Jack has been saying to me of late!!!!

I have spent so much time down in my basement, doing the mystery I mentioned last post. I had no idea it would have so many steps, but it is coming along and I am pleased.
Have a look see, not done but, nearing the end!

First the sanding, then the tack cloth, then the 1st coat of paint, drying, sanding, tack cloth, 2nd coat of paint, nice and smooth ; )........staining doors and cabinet top, drying, sanding, tack cloth, 1st varnish, sanding, tack cloth, 2nd varnish, put doors and inserts in, move to sewing room......part I'm so excited for......putting all my fabrics in!!!! Then major room clean up and organizing. Can't wait to achieve this, then major photo shoot!
I had a difficult time picking a color I thought I could live with for a long time and also have a country old fashion feel. I think it will be great when I'm completely finished.

So Jack finally braved a trip down the cellar stairs to see what I was up to. He is not crazy about the steep staircase, but he did fine. After all he weighs 80 lb. and is really athletic! Don't know why he has always hesitated.

My knitting project at the moment is a lovely cowl for the winter months. It's a fun pattern and works up quickly. It can be worn as a scarf or has a hoodie. Want a peek? This is also not done but coming along.
You might say I have a lot on the burners. Oh well, better then nothing cooking.

I will model it for you when I finish! I hope it won't be to much longer.

Thanksgiving is coming here in the USA. So lots of cooking will be happening. But first many trips to the food store to get all the fixings, that's the part I dread! Everyone has the same idea and there is no way of getting around it. But once you have the groceries it's fun. I will be having 10 for Thanksgiving dinner and all sleeping over. It will be lots of fun! Did I say I will be making up lots of beds too!!!!!!

Hope to be back before next Thursday for at least "one" Ta-Dah. Thank you for coming by and seeing what I've been up to. I love visiting all of you and wish you all a happy weekend.

I leave you with my sunset today. It's a pretty one ❤



  1. Oh boy.. that cabinet looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in your studio.. I need to clean mine!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your cabinet looks really nice, look forward to see it with your fabriques in! I bought a cabinet for my fabriques some time back, what a difference it made - putting everything nicely in. Now I can actually see what I`ve got and find it when I need it. Beautiful sunset picture! Hope your weekend is a good one and good luck with preparing for Thanksgiving. We don`t celebrate anything like that here in Norway, but it`s sound really nice. Blessings Pam

  3. Ooh your new cupboard is sounding exciting Robin!! You have been working so hard on it, no wonder Jack is wondering where you are :) The new cowl is looking beautiful, so soft...makes me want to knit one too!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  4. Your cabinet looks great Robin, I love the colour!
    Beautiful knitting too, it looks very cosy. :)
    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with your family!
    Vivienne x

  5. A cabinet for your fabric sounds fantastic and one you have sanded and painted means so much more. Love your cowl and oh poor Jack! Missing his Momma and venturing down the scary stairs just to be with you! How sweet is that.
    Hugs to you Robin,

  6. You've been a real busy-bee, Robin, and that cabinet looks fab! Please share images once your fabrics are in! It might be just me :) but I LOVE seeing people's crafting places and stashes... If only mine was in condition to show...

    Have a lovely weekend, dear friend!


  7. Your mistery cabinet looks really nice!! you are doing a great job!!
    I have a couple of friends that are very handy that way, not me at all but I dream with all the inspiration there's around to make something like that some day!

  8. What wonderful work Robin, that cabinet is looking fab. Your knitting is also terrific and just right for the winter. Dear Jack...I am glad he ventured down those stairs...what a sweet boy. Have a lovely weekend my friend, looking forward to the Ta Daas!!
    Jane x

  9. While I have been focused on celebrating my youngest daughter's wedding, you have been focused on some lovely projects, Robin! I really admire your cabinet and beautiful cowl and the photo of your sunset. Thanks for posting! xx from Gracie