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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cold Days=Tea and Knitting

November's here and so is the change in the weather. The mild days are gone, the heat is up in the house and the days are shorter, of light that is. I really don't like daylight savings time. Darkness at 4:00pm is so hard to get used to. Oh well, thank goodness we can be cosy inside, clicking away, tea in the kettle and maybe a fire in the fireplace. I CAN get used to that! Jack still wants his daily walks and he lets me know, if I forget. He has something to show you from today's walk and I have things to show you too.

Jack first, he has new friends.

                               The cows have multiplied to 3 cows and one calf (not pictured)

                                                               Jack just saying Hi

Sheep have multiplied to 14, here are seven. They keep them separated. Although I don't know why.

                                 Always Tea Time after a brisk walk and some "Click-clicking"

                                               What's pink and white and warm and cosy?

                                                           A winter hat for Little "E"

But what about Big Sister "A"????

                                                   Couldn't forget "A" sweet little head!

    Here the two are, can't wait to see them this week and give them their cosy winter hats

                                               Hope they fit, I'm pretty sure they will :  )

I'm working on a furniture project for my sewing room, still a WIP, but coming along nicely.

Want a tease?

Sure, why not....................

                                  Sorry you can't tell much from this, BUT that's the surprise.

Until next time, thanks for popping in and visiting. I love "seeing" you and feeling your friendship from near and far.



  1. I just adore the 2 hats you've made! You will get such pleasure seeing the girls wear these. My daughter showed a photo of my 2 granddaughters on facebook and the youngest was wearing the hat I made her last year. Brought a wistful smile to me. I still cannot deal with them moving 2,000 miles away. I wish I could accept it, but I can't. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful little hats, I'm sure the girls will love them.
    I know what you mean about the change of the weather, the darkness takes some getting used to at 4pm but as you say you can look forward to nice walks and plenty of crafting! Enjoy your week RobinXX

  3. Hi dear Robin....winter is around the corner isn't it. Love your hats for your girls, they will keep them so snug. What a wonderful photo of them both. Keep snug and a big pat for dear Jack,
    Jane x

  4. Good to hear from you Robin, hope you had no trouble from 'Sandy'!!!
    Your little grandaughters will love their new hats. :)
    Keep warm and cosy, cute teapot by the way!
    Vivienne x

  5. Robin, I really wish I lived where I could see sheep and cows while out on a walk, I am so jealous. I love my home and I am happy for the nature I see in the middle of suburbia, but sheep, really? I would love that. YOur hats are beautiful, two little girls are about to be very happy.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Love the hats for the girls! I still have not made hats!!! But I will. Loved going along on your walk with you. Tea and hooks and needles...the best.
    XO Kris

  7. Dear Robin,
    glad to read from you and that you have hopfully no trouble with "Sandy"... Lovely hats in so beautiful colours!.My daughter would love these hats. Have a nice week. Hugs Nicole

  8. Dear Robin What a lovely cosy post...after the nice walk with Jack, seeing the sweet sheep and new cows, back indoors for a nice hot cup of tea and some cosy knitting...perfect! Your little grandgirlies look so sweet and they will love their pretty new hats I'm sure!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  9. Adorable hats!

    Love the sheep too.

  10. Hello sweet Robin,

    Very. very pretty hats, and colors are quite me :), I am a pink girl! Happy knitting and many cozy night in this November! And those secret things...Please show them soon!!


  11. I just love the tea kettle and the little cup!!! SOOOO cute!!!