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Friday, November 1, 2013

Friends are the Best

Remember my friend Patty and her husband Dave, who was undergoing Chemo for  Lymphoma ....... WELL they came for a visit and it was wonderful! I'm so happy to report that Dave is doing so well and cancer free!!! We always have so much fun and just continue talking where we left off a year ago. We shopped and shopped and had tea and chats and just the best times. Dave is so patient with us and also keeps himself busy with his STUMP business, please take a peek Stump Creations.
AND LOOK what I received as a gift

Isn't this lovely?! Dave does such a wonderful job and they are all make to order!!! The web site shows so much more and all the possibilities.  I just love it, and it is so much fun to light.

We visited the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock Vermont and it was just so beautiful. Of course we went to the gift store and look at the lobby.

                                         Lovely pumpkin and gourd display.

                                                    Roaring fire, always a beautiful sight!!

They left on Wednesday after a memorable visit as always and a promise to see each other again. And what did we see as they were heading out but our FIRST snow fall.

                                          Just a dusting but till the 1ST................

So after a little catch up with everyday errands, chores, and paperwork I was able to have a little time today to do a little knitting'.

Look what I have made for the coming cold weather..............

Your basic wrist warmers. Easy peasy cast on 40st., Knit one row, purl one row for 44 rows and bind off. Fold in half and sew up and decide where you want your thumb to come out, continue sewing up. I added crocheted edge and DONE. Fun and now I have walking wrist warmer's for my Jack walks!!!

Poor Jack had a run in with a bee and got stung. I didn't know it at the time but he came in the house salivating and very strange acting. He didn't want me to touch him and then I got worried. Trip to the vets. $105 dollars later and he is fine. I think I jump the gun but I was concerned. He's fine and back to his active self. Thank goodness, love my Jack :  )

                                                    Close up

Found this little treasure at my local store. Great for current dates and activities. Currently flu shot dates and our son's wedding this December!!!!!!

Thanks my friends for your visit here and for taking the time to see what I've been up to. Hope you are all well and have a wonderful weekend. Wishing you all the best of times.


OOPss Jack wanted to say hi



  1. What wonderful news about your friend Robin...and it must have been so good to catch up. Keep snug now that your first snow has arrived...brrrr and I am glad dear Jack is OK after his bee incident.Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Great news about your friend Robin, so glad you all had a wonderful time together!
    Poor Jack...I'm glad he's ok again!!!
    And snow already, don't think I could cope with that, you know me and my sunshine!
    Love your little date reminder and with a very special date coming up too...how exciting! :)
    Happy weekend Robin,
    V xxx

  3. So glad to hear the good news of your friend, and that you all had such a happy time together. Vermont in the fall is so beautiful, I loved your pictures....amazing that you have already had snow!! The wrist warmers are lovely, very useful now too. Poor Jack, glad he is ok again!
    Keep cosy, dear Robin!
    Helen x

  4. So nice to hear about your wonderful visit with friend, glad Dave's cancer is gone, lots of reasons to celebrate. Oh and poor Jack, I am so glad he is feeling better.
    Hugs to you Robin,

  5. Lovely post Robin. Yours is the second blog I have read today with mention of snow.

  6. What a wonderful visit with friends - especially with his happy news and that beautiful gift! I want to retire in Vermont, the first dusty snowfall in the northeast is always so magical and surprising, I do love it! Your wrist warmers are so very pretty, and give Jack an extra kiss for being brave (and I would have taken him to the vet too!) Chrissie x

  7. I'm so happy for your friends that have beat the "c". Dayle's BIL that we visited last week also had to go through all those treatments and is doing okay for now. But it's just so scary. Thanks for sharing photos of that wonderful place!! Hug Jack for me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hi Robin---What an excellent news!! Here's to continued good health for Dave. I'm glad you could see your friends;that's a special candle holder!! Lovely inn and wrist warmers. It's getting chilly.
    A big kiss for Jack. Hope those bees stay away.
    Happy November from Michigan.....
    Anne D.T>