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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just photos and a few words

Not a whole lot to say but hope you are all well.......

Here are a few photos to sum up the weekend and life

A visit from my daughter and the little ones at King Arthur Flour Shop and bakery

Littlest one being mischievous and little big one with Rainbow Loom bracelet making. Such fun!! I will have to model mine next time :  )   They love crafts just like their Nannie!

                                               Latest snowfall and some heavy skies

Same day many hours later

                                                                       Crazy weather

But it's pretty

I think my Christmas Cactus is confused!!!

That's all there is today! Think I have a stomach bug, trying to be in denial!! Not working........

Thanks for popping in my lovely blogging friends, hope your week is going well and you are all able to smile!



  1. Lovely family pictures, your little grand daughters are so sweet. Wow....look at all that snow already! Take care, Robin, and I hope you feel better soon.
    Helen x

  2. Hi Robin...
    Came here via Kris's blog...
    Your granddaughters are adorable♥
    Those snowy pictures are wonderful...
    No snow here yet...{Southern Ontario, Canada}
    I share many of your loves...crochet,gardening,sewing,baking...and family♥
    Lovely blog...
    Hope you are feeling better...
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  3. What fun you had with your darling girls Robin..I will have a little crafting buddie in a few years...how exciting. The snow looks so pretty but I am glad that it is coming and going for you...brrr. Hope you can wish that bug away ;0) x

  4. Your last photo is so cute Robin! :)
    With the snow coming and going it's no wonder your Christmas cactus is confused!!
    Glad you're having some family fun time!
    Take care hope you feel better soon.
    V xxx

  5. Your granddaughters look so happy, that's what visits to grandma are like! :-) I love your snow photos - my brother texted me some from Western Pa., made me a bit homesick! The last photo should be made into a postcard, I'd love a copy! ;-) Chrissie x

  6. I would be confused, too, if there was snow in the morning and clear weather by afternoon. :) Looks lovely! Hope you are feeling better. Tammy

  7. Hi Robin.. sorry I'm late in commenting.. I just plain missed seeing your post in my list! I love seeing your daughter and grands.. beautiful they are! And your snow photos are just beautiful.. I hope we get some pretty snows this winter. My Christmas cacti are blooming too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I have one of those lovely bracelets, my great niece Vivian made it for me this past summer. They are all the rage with little girls these days. Love your pictures and hope you feel better.

  9. Dear Robin,
    lovely pictures!
    I hope we will have a lot of snow this year too.
    I hope you already feel better.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Do hope your stomach bug didn't turn out to be too bad and that you are feeling fine now. Steange weather here too, don't know what it is going to do these days. Forecast changes all the time. Pam xx