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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sky's are Alive

Here in Vermont the SKY's are just so varied moment to moment!  I have been enjoying all the changes and our mild weather this weekend and week so far. I hope I don't jinx this by talking about the lovely temperature.

It is deer hunting season here. I'm not a hunter or anyone in my family BUT living up here you have to adapt to certain things and this is one of them. Down my road there is a beautiful house with barn that is rented out for weddings, alumni functions, vacationers and hunters. SO we have 7 trucks down the road with hunters in the house. You can tell when you pass by that they are in heaven......they look like boys at camp and up to no good. (not really but they are having fun) I don't really understand it but I don't really need to.

So my walks with Jack have been interesting and we are dressing in bright colors to not be mistaken for any moving targets!!!

Take a look at some of our sky's


Aren't they amazing? Some look so threatening and then it passes and we have blue sky's. It really is a beautiful place to live.

On to my walks with Jack......here is our attire during this hunting season.

                                                        Bright, fluorescent and comfy

This is what we saw on the weekend

And this is what we saw today

They have been busy. Hope this doesn't make anyone squeamish!

I've had to get use to it, too.

I have been knitting some also, but I will save that for next time.

Hope you are all well, thank you for popping in. Thank you in advance for your comments.

I love them all so much.


The Sheep probably don't know what to think. But don't worry they are safe, no hunting near them!


  1. Gosh Robin I'm not a hunter either, so sad to see those deer strung up. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous skies and fingers crossed your lovely weather lasts for you. It's turning chillier here from tomorrow x

  2. Oh dear, that makes me very sad to see those poor creatures! I hope the hunter's luck has run out, not soon enough for the two deer though!
    Beautiful skies, hope your mild weather stays for a while.
    V xxx

  3. Robin, I have no idea how I have missed so many of your posts!!! I know I have been a hit and miss blogger of late, but I have not seen any updates from my blogroll, that you have posted. So I have been reading up and finding out what you have been up to. I would have a HARD time getting used to seeing those fabulous creatures hanging upside down that way. I don't hunt. I don't think I ever could. But my husband fishes. That is it for us though.
    The weather looks lovely there. And you had a nice visit from your daughter and little cutie pies. I love King Arthur products!!!
    You will have to fill us in on your latest knitting projects!
    miss you,

  4. Hunting upsets me, glad to see you have nice bright colours to help keep you safe :) xx

  5. I'm glad you are wearing bright colors and have Jack in a bright scarf, too! I could never hunt and am glad my menfolk don't do it. But I have to respect that they are dealing with the tough issues to put food in their freezers and eat it. In my mother's young married days they had to wring the necks of their chicken for dinner.. I'm sure glad I don't have to do that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Robin, It's deer hunting season here too. We're not hunters either. Please stay safe when you're out walking with Jack.
    Love your sky pics.
    Anne x

  7. Beautiful sky pictures, so blue and such wonderful cloud formations! So glad that you and Jack are brightly dressed....a scary thought that you are walking where the deer hunters are hunting.....take care, lovely Robin. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  8. This is the time of year when our skies are varied, too. I am always mesmerized by the changes and constantly taking pictures. My family think I'm weird. Taking pictures of the sky again? :) I don't get hunting at all. Find it rather barbaric. It's bad enough that we have meat shops here with goats and sheep skinned and strung up. The smell of any meat is awful to me. I just have to turn my head and walk by. You two stay safe. Perhaps you could make a lot of noise while you walk and scare all the deer away from those mean hunters. Ha! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  9. I love your sky pictures, I am so fascinated with the clouds here in Florida. I have to say I do not understand the whole hunting thing, I can't believe it is sport to kill a defensive animal, it kind of makes me a bit ill.

  10. Those cloud pictures are so beautiful! I have to admit I felt a little nervous for you reading about the hunters. Its a good thing you are wearing bright, non-animal shades!