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Friday, May 9, 2014


YES it's true!

You are all winners in my book and I thank you for entering my cute contest. Everyone was more or less correct and it was a fruit bowl so to speak.


It is Mother's Day in the US this Sunday and I want to celebrate with all of you, so that is also why everyone of you are winners. I'm feeling very sentimental this Mother's Day because it is the first since my mom passed in September 2013, the first of each holiday is always the worst, as so many of you know. So it would make me feel wonderful to honor all of you dear friends, mothers, and grandmothers, along with myself. I have a beautiful tea towel to send off.  Vivienne, Joy, Teresa K., Jane, Gilly, Helen, Anne T., Anne, and Meredith please email me your addresses and I will be ready to get your package off! Thank you all again for being in my world.  Email vineyardrobin@aol.com

                                 If you have a favorite let me know, and I will try to deliver

                                                          Happy Mother's Day Mom!


                                                                      ❤I miss you❤


  1. Awe what a very generous lady you are!!! ❤️The little drawing is so cute. :)
    I will be be thinking about you this Sunday Robin, you're right there is a whole long year of 'firsts' and I think Motheres Day is one of the hardest.
    You're a wonderful mother and grandmother so enjoy your day!
    V xxx

  2. Aww bless you Robin what a wonderful gesture. This Mother's Day must be very hard for you but always remember what a wonderful daughter you were to your darling Mum. Sending you love for Mother's day and thanks again...off to email you now xx

  3. Hi Robin, This was sooooo fun. Many Thanks to you and Lizzy! I will be thinking of you this weekend. Sending love and a big hug. It is a hard day without our Mothers.Enjoy your granddaughters and your kids.
    Thanks again,
    Anne D.T.

  4. Oh I feel your sadness dear Robin - Mother's are the biggest miss when they are no longer around in the physical - thinking of you this weekend and sending love! x
    You are so sweet to gift each of us, thank you so much - a lovely surprise and I will email you soon with info. Love, Joy xo

  5. You are the most generous and lovable friend! I hope your weekend is as fab as you are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Dear Robin,

    Those tea towels will be used with a big smiles! I am sending you a lot of sunshine and a big, warm hug for the Mothers Day! You are such a special lady!


  7. You are so sweet, Robin! What a kind and generous idea! Sending you much love on Mother's Day and a big hug!
    Helen xox

  8. Robin. you are so kind and generous. I know how you feel about Mother's Day, it is very bittersweet this year. I miss my Mom, but I have been missing her a long time, at least she is at peace now.
    Hugs to you,