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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have this funny and special picture that I have framed. It was drawn especially for me by Elisabeth (Lizzy) my 5 year old granddaughter. You know she is quite the artist and is learning to read and spell words. She spells words just the way she says them, which is basically the contest. This is precious and a treasure for me, a forever keepsake. So the first one who comments with what Elisabeth is writing will win the contest. I will be sending something to the winner, but I don't know what yet so that will be a surprise too.

Here is the framed picture, you will have to zoom in I think.......Good Luck!

                                                                  Have fun

                                                                   And one last thing                                      

                                                                   See she can read

                                          "First Book" Love that Dr. Seuss and Lizzy!



  1. Awe bless her that is so sweet Robin! :)
    I'm not 100% sure what it says but I believe it may be about banana and strawberries!
    V xxx

  2. Oh isn't she the cutest! I knew I wouldn't be the first to comment, Robin, but I do love a challenge - I see 'apple' first, then 'orange'; can't make the next one into anything although I think it's probably'grape', and then there's 'banana' and 'strawberry'! Little Lizzy is doing very well and I'm quite in love with her! Happy days to be enjoyed together! Love, Joy xoxo

  3. Apple, Orange, Grape, Banana & Strawberry! Cute little darling!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh bless her Robin, what a sweet picture to have frame...a real little heirloom piece. I still have some of my kids pieces, I could never throw them away. I am sure that Daisy will do some pieces too ;0) I have had a long look and I think that Lizzie has written; "Apple with grape banana and strawberry" What a fun little contest. Happy days. I am off to see my girlies for lunch today. Hugs xx

  5. Oh-sooo-cute! And actually what she is writing is just exactly as the pic says:
    "APOLORWIGGAPBNANeSOBAWE" - if you pop that into Google translate, I'm quite sure it will translate as "fruit salad as interpreted by a gorgeous little 5-year old" ;-)
    Oh and tell Lizzie that Green Eggs and Ham is still one of my favourites too.
    Have a happy day, xx

  6. I think Lizzy wrote: apple, orange, grape, banana, strawberry :D She is such a little sweetie, and lovely that you are treasuring some of her first writings and drawings, dear Robin! Love the contest idea...it is unique!!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  7. Hi Robin and Lizzy, It looks like "Apple, orange, banana, strawberry!! " Looks like a fruit salad in the making.
    You would love our local, small town newspaper. Every Mother's Day, they have a section with kid's drawings and messages to their Moms. No proofreading; it's published the way the kids have their own spellings.
    Happy Mother's Day (very soon)!!
    Anne and all xxx

  8. Hi Robin, what a beautiful picture. Far nicer and more precious than any Van Gogh or Picasso!
    Apple, orange, grape, banana and strawberry is my guess!

  9. I am guessing fruit, apple, orange, banana, and strawberry but I think that has already been guessed.