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Monday, May 26, 2014

They're BACK!

Yes, they are back and in full force. So determined, aggressive, and brilliant!
The mighty humming bird, so tiny, yet so powerful, swishing and sweeping and whizzing by. Always in competion with other hummers to get to the feeder first.

This is the best my iPhone can zoom in, but they are beautiful this year!

The yard is shaping up and I have had so much fun getting out and enjoying the fresh sunny weather. Of course mixes of clouds and drizzles, but that's what makes the flowers grow.

                                           Impatiences surrounding our purple lilac tree

 My herb basket, I decided to plant them in a basket this year, so I could bring the basket into the kitchen when I wanted fresh herbs, flat italian parsley, basil, rosemary and nasturtium

                                          Patio tomato plant and nasturtium for color

                                         Petunia window box

                                          Petunia and lobelia window box

                                                    Roadside beauty on a walk

                                                    Close up

                                                     Woodpecker damage

                                                     Piggies times 3, apparently more to come, so I hear

                                                     Ominous sky

                                                    Pretty boy Jack, I mean handsome boy

                                                      New find, ball jar with floral lid....

                  I'm thinking centerpiece, floral arrangements for rehearsal dinner June 2015
             Yes, I'm always thinking in advance, even a year from now.

Thanks for popping in dear bloggers. Thank you to my new followers and amazing faithful original friends who started this blogging experience at the same time years ago now!


                                     Thought this was an artistic photo of Vermont farm country


  1. The herbs in a basket is such a good idea. I'll have to see if I can find a basket to give that a try! :-)

  2. Hello my dear friend.. we have the same love of hummingbirds.. thanks for sharing those photos. I love your herb basket.. what a neat idea! Gosh Jack is gorgeous! How old is he? Love your jars with those lids! Pretty photo of the Vermont farm. Thanks for all your lovely heartfelt comments on my blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hello dear Robin How lovely that you have hummingbirds, I would love that! All your plantings look great, the herb basket is such a nice idea. Love your floral topped jars! Wishing you a very happy week!
    Helen xox

  4. Your outdoor space is looking so pretty Robin. I love your herb basket, such a great idea. Those jars are brilliant, a real vintage feel to them and they look perfect with the flowers. How fab to have hummingbirds, I have never seen one in real life. Have a lovely week my dear and thanks again for my sunny tea towel xx

  5. I love it too, a bit of pottering and planting in the garden!
    Those hummingbirds must be so special to watch! I have only seen one in the zoo I'm afraid... ;-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  6. Our hummingbirds are back too! They are so fascinating to watch as they zoom around the yard and woods. I can often hear them even when I can't see them. Your patio tomato looks to be at about the same stage as mine. I love the pig picture!

  7. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous hummingbird pics! Amazing! Love all your pretty flowers, to...Chrissie x

  8. Your garden is looking lovely, I so wish we had hummingbirds here. And that Jack! I always tell Max he can be beautiful and pretty even though he is a boy.
    Hugs to you Robin,

  9. So amazing that you have Hummingbirds, thanks for sharing the pics, your garden is looking lovely
    Clare x

  10. Hello Robin I popped over to see you from Helen's blog and what a find, your blog is fantastic. Would you mind if you put you as one of my favourites? I shall really enjoy visiting you Robin, have a lovely day tomorrow. Lots of love

    Dorothy's Room

    1. Oh Dorothy I would love to be one of your favorites. Thank you, xoRobin

  11. Amazing pictures! I found the woodpecker damage picture amazing - we don't have woodpeckers or hummingbirds in NZ.

  12. How fantastic to have hummingbirds! And thank you for sharing your photos.
    Oh, and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they are much appreciated.
    Marianne x

  13. Beautiful humming birds Robin, and I love your herb basket and your flowery jars, AND Jack AND the piggies, as well as everything else - thank you for sharing. I am trying to catch up on posts all over the place but just had to make it to your place to say a huge thank you for my lovely tape measure tea towel - it was so lovely to receive it, you are so kind. I am still stretching out my birthday celebrations and gifts you see …….. I hope your weekend is a really happy one!
    Hugs for you, Joy xo

  14. Come over and take a peek at my blog and see what I did with your beautiful Towel.

  15. Lovely spring pics., Robin. Haven't seen any humming birds yet. I just need a few more hanging baskets. Love your jars and flowers. Would look pretty arranged on a long table. A big kiss and hug to Jack!
    Happy almost June!!
    Anne xx

  16. all those lovely hummers visiting your garden! lucky you to get a photo.
    I love the ball jars with floral lids ~ have never seen them - such a great find!

  17. Great pics, I worked in a summer camp in Vermont so it is nice to see the country side again!