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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer and Treat

Happy day to you all. It's been lovely weather here in New England, USA. Everything is green, in bloom, bees buzzing, birds singing, humming birds humming, sun shining, strawberries bountiful, farmer markets in full swing, people out and about, kids out of school and people are friendly and smiling. SUMMER is HERE!!!!

Finished my vegetable garden bunting.....So festive and it makes me smile!

Not much yarn making happening in my world BUT lots of being outside, walks with Jack, errands, Zumba (my new love), gardening and reading. My lasted book is The Husband's Secret by Liana Moriarty,  good so far and a fast read. My reading list at the bottom portion of my blog is definitely  growing and always in the summer. I love to read outside on the deck or porch in the cool of a summer breeze.

Summer treat for Jack. Here take a look!

                                                         Oh, "YES" Jack in doggy Heaven!!!
I treat him to a soft serve whenever I need to go to Home Depot for home or garden supplies!
This time it was just 'cause it was a hot day!!

Next on my list of show and tell are some of my beautiful flowers around the yard

As you can see, the Peonies are in their height of glory! So lovely and they smell delightful! Ants like them too,  have to be careful bringing cut flowers inside for arrangement.

Well, that's all for now my friends. Hope your days are happy, your nights relaxing and you are able to enjoy your down time. Any vacations coming? We have one coming in early July to the Vineyard, oh happy day!!!

Thanks for stopping in,  I love seeing you here and I thank you all in advance!




  1. Hello my friend, Robin! I love reading your posts as you emanate happiness and joy of life. You have some fabulous flowers in your yard! I adore peonies but don't have any right now. I had 3 but I put them in the wrong place and they did not thrive. I might have to try again! Give Jack and hug for me.. after you wipe the ice cream off his nose. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hello dear Robin, it looks beautiful over at yours, summer is in full swing and your flowers are blooming. What a yummy ice cream for Jack...have fun in the sun xx

  3. Love the bunting and you're garden is stunning.
    Clare x

  4. Oh Jack, you silly boy!
    XO Kris

  5. Well Jack is certainly enjoying that, spoiled boy! Your garden shots are lovely again Robin, including your sweet bunting, and everything at your place looks and feels happy and contented; in a word 'gorgeous'! Thank you for sharing it all with us!
    Happy weekend, xoJoy

  6. Yes!!! Holidays....
    I love your flowers and for sure the peonies.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Miss. Xx

  7. It is amazing seeing the difference in your garden between summer and winter. We don't get that contrast here. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. I'm so jealous you get to have them in your garden! Enjoy your lovely summer.

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  9. Yay for summer! And I'd better not let my pups see those pics of Jack or they'll be wanting ice-cream every time we go out too ;-)
    Have a happy week,

  10. Love it all, Robin. A hug to Jack and send some sunshine this way. A bit to much grey days this summer. Safe traveling for the Fourth!!
    Anne and all xx

  11. Hello dear Robin,

    All those flowers are so beautiful, your summer is really blooming! I wish the great weather stays with you in July too!

    Happy days, dear friend!