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Friday, June 13, 2014

This little piggy

This little piggy stayed at the farm and so many more to come! The farm down the dirt road is multiplying almost every day with new animals. We how have 5 large pigs, 4 smaller ones and 4 piglets. (still trying to get a photo of them), 3 new calves and still growing. I take my iPhone on my walks each day with the hope of seeing the piglets!!!

                                                    Ahhhh so sweet

                                                    3 new calves

                                                    See the piggy-one of the small ones

                                                    A peek of white/brown piggy in barn door

                                                    5 pigs-love their snouts and ears!

                                                   Poppies but not mine/ mine aren't out yet

Spent some time last week working on a small veggie garden (very small)  It was fun, a lot of work for just me but fun too. I cut the tall grass, leveled the soil, put the frame down, added 8 cu ft of soil,

Put up the fence, put netting over the top to prevent deer nibbling, and bunny too!
There are two tomato plants, cucumber, zucchini, green pepper, sugar snaps, and lettuce.

I have not completely finished with the garden, more to come next time!  :  )

We have been having quite a bit of rain lately....I know we need it, but I love the sunshine!

                                   Another walk another peek, they are not making it easy!

                         Piglet.....still trying to get them out in the open......I'm going to keep trying

                                                             So Green and lush

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  1. How lovely having all those little creatures on your daily walk! :)
    Well done on your veggie garden, it looks great, I hope you have lots and lots of produce!
    Happy weekend,
    V x

  2. You are so lucky living in that beautiful verdant land. Thank you for sharing your walks.

  3. I so love all farm babies so thank you so much for your pics Robin. We've been seeing new lambs around our countryside of late but I always wonder why they don't wait until Springtime and nicer weather to put in an appearance, instead of beginning of Winter! Gosh you've done very well, all by yourself, with your veggie patch - happy growing times to you! xoJoy

  4. I bet Jack is fascinated with the farm animals. I love pigs, I just think they are so much fun. I think you live in such a beautiful area Robin.
    Hugs to you and enjoy the lush green.

  5. Loved seeing the little pigs! What an interesting walk you have! Your vegetable plot looks wonderful, well done on all that hard work to get it prepared. You can look forward to lots of delicious homegrown produce now.
    Hope you are having a sunny weekend, dear Robin!
    Helen xox

  6. HI Robin, its been a while since I had time to pop by. Thank you so much for my lovely tea towel, I have been meaning to say thank you for ages but time is against me at the moment. Lovely piglets, they are so cute arent they?

  7. Love seeing your farm animals and garden, Robin. Hope the deer don't eat all of your produce.Several deer wandering in our woods and yard here.
    If you have some sunshine, send it our way.
    Thinking of you.....
    Your Michigan friend,
    Anne D.T.