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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happiness in little bits

Hi there friends, Great to pop in again before vacation. It's raining now so hopefully next week will be hot and sunny, good beach and outdoor weather! I've been in summer mode and it is lovely. Just a little of this and a little of that each day, all manageable and mostly stress free.

Had a very excited weekend with the bride to be and daughter looking for wedding gown in Boston. We had three appointments and they went really well. The places were so helpful and the selections were fabulous. Amy had certain designers she wanted to look at and she was happy with the choices............and she found her wedding gown by the end of the day. We celebrated after and had a lovely time in the city. I can't show you the dress, but I will show you one of the dresses, let me find one.

Here is a pretty one ❤

                                          Any family looking on......this is not the dress!!!!

Next will be bridemaids dress shopping and mother of the bride, That's ME!

Next little bit of fun was a little shopping I did on etsy for ribbon/tape. These items came from Taiwan in only about 7 days, amazing!

Lots of fun for adornments on sewing projects and yarn too.

                 Aren't they fun? I can add to pincushions, labels for knitting, I think the sky's the limit.

                                           Peonies and indigo are in bloom and very plentiful!

                            This is Mountain Laurel and one of my favorite flowers on a shrub

                                                        My salmon colored Poppies

                                                Bush beach roses and the aroma is delicious

Thanks dear friends for visiting, that's all my news. I will be off for a week soon. So I may be missing from blogland. But I will catch up when I can. Hope everyone has good days and happy moments!


                                  Site of wedding in "One Year".......I think I'm a little excited!


  1. What an exciting time for you and your daughter!
    I LOVE the labels!!! Enjoy!!
    xo Kris

  2. How exciting this is Robin...I do love weddings and I loved seeing those gowns. Enjoy your MOTB shopping. Your labels look fab and will be so useful, perhaps there is a blue one to sew in your daughter's gown for good luck ;0) Enjoy your holiday and have some rest and relaxation. "See" you soon my dear xx

  3. Ooh, how exciting - and a post just filled to the brim with pretty things :-)
    Happy vacation - enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Beautiful memories were made shopping for the wedding dress, I am so happy you had that special time with your daughter. It is all so exciting.
    Hugs to you and have a great trip.

  5. So exciting and so special to be shopping for a wedding dress with your daughter. Lost of happy things in this post.
    Marianne x

  6. What a happy time you must have had looking for the dress, and now all the organising to look forward to! Such fun!! Those tape designs are super gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your vacation.

  7. I'm so happy that choosing 'the dress' went so well for both of you - what a happy time of preparation and exciting anticipation of the future!
    Your ribbons/tapes are so sweet and it'll be lovely to see them finding their spots on your gorgeous cushions, etc., Robin.
    You have some colourful blooms in your garden - real sign of summer - speaking of which, do enjoy your time away and I hope you get lots of beautiful weather.

  8. Fun fun fun! I can't wait to see the real dress and your dress, too! Have fun on vacation and be sure to take photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hello sweet Robin,

    What a lovely post, so full of happiness! I wish you all the best time ever, and hope that sun will keep shining all the time! Enjoy these special days!


  10. Lovely dress shopping, labels and poppies. Hope you're having a good break, Robin.
    Here's to more lovely days in July!!
    From sometimes cool, sometimes humid Michigan-----
    Anne xx

  11. Its brilliant to look on at somebody else getting exciting about their daughters wedding. My own daughter gets married in 5months time and it has been an amazing journey, planning and shopping together. I look forward to seeing your plans unfurl.