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Monday, September 22, 2014

How 'bout walking with me

I invite you to come along and walk with me along the beach in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. I'm here with my "Jack" to do some house clean up and packing up.........some exciting reno's may be happening in the near futurešŸ 

Had to get up early to fit in a lovely walk with Jack because the rest of the day would be so busy.

Come along.......

                                                    Tiny tiny mushroom clusters

                                                   Love the light peering through



                                                   Almost there...holding my breath❤️

                                                    Lovely welcoming sight

                                                    Jack's ready

                                                    Result of the surf

                                                  Jack being vocal.....it's cooolllldddd, but I love it!

                                                   You can see there has been some rough surf


                                                   Great day to sail, although the sails are not up...yet

                                                    Close up

                                                    Windy....see Jack's ears

                                  Some people dock their boats right on the beach...."Tom Luckey"

                                                    It even happens on the beach

                                                     Never any whole shells, but love 'em all

           Lots of these on the beach, not sure what it is yet! tons of round balls attached to strands

                                                    See what I mean

                                                    Horse shoe crab

                                                      Washed ashore

                                                    Love the barnacles on this shell

                                                    Other side, so intriguing to me

                                         Yes, it's windy and I'm always happy on "my beach"

                                                    Time to go, Jack's not ready

                                                    One last look.......bye sweet love

                         Fences up to protect the dunes and beach during the winter months

                                                    Lovely blue sky and fluffy clouds

                                                    And the Sun shining bright

Normally there are shoes/sandals all scatter up the path to the beach but not so much in September

                                          Jack's pouting

                                          Salty wet Dog

                                         Thought this was interesting five finger rooted tree

                                                    See the leaves that are falling

                                                    Sad pathetic Jack

                                                    I felt so mean but there were things to be done!!!

                                                     Just the beginning..............

I packed for two days, now ready for the movers to store for us over the winter. Larger kitchen and room addition and second bath. It will be some very nice usable space. Very exciting, we have been hoping to do for years ; )

This was delivered to me from my thoughtful kids in honor of my mom, their grandmother and her one year anniversary of missing her. It was a day I was not looking forward to, but it was a wonderful day, I felt so loved and not alone at all, thanks to my wonderful family❤️
It's funny because I'm really so relieved the first year of holidays and birthdays are over, the first year is so hard. Now it's the love and happy thoughts that are forever in our hearts, soul and dreams. Yes, dreams, I dream a lot of my loved ones❤

Thanks so much for taking a walk with me, I hope you enjoyed it and could relax and be at peace.
More to come soon, love to you all and thank you for your comments, love and support!



  1. Robin, what a fun walk that was! And Jack, he is such a handsome boy. Bet he would love to play with my Dusty!!! We also just reached the one year anniversary of my Mom's mothers death. Our beloved Nana. We spent the day together and it was nice to talk about her with everyone. That first year is hard. Congratulations on the new remodel for your place by the sea!!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful walk you shared dear Robin with your sweet Jack. I loved the selfie. The renovations sound so exciting. A whole year already since your beloved Mum passed....gosh how quickly time passes. Feel proud and strong that you have survived that year and what a thoughtful gift from your darling children. Hugs xx

  3. What a wonderful walk, I enjoyed strolling along with you.

  4. A lovely post, so happy and life affirming. Your walk was beautiful, thank you for taking us along! The renovations sound so exciting....and your summer home is in such a wonderful place. I am glad you had a happy day remembering your sweet mom, and that your children sent you such a lovely gift to honour the day. Wishing you a happy week ahead dear Robin.
    Helen xox

  5. Hello my adorable friend! Oh you lucky girl to live there and get to go walk on that beach as often as you want! I'm so excited FOR you for the additions and renovations! I do hope you show us some before and after photos!! I would SO love to have our master bathroom redone! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. What a nice walk and nice discoveries about sea shells.
    I live in woods and I am always sick when I am by the sea!!!
    But I like pics from the beachside.
    I like the dog too and expressions of the dog, so cute.

  7. Thanks for that beautiful walk. Oooh, so much to see and explore! Lucky you. Also kind thoughts to you on the anniversary of your mother's death. It has been an eventful year for you.

  8. Very fun to walk with you and Jack!! Good luck with renovations, Robin.
    Thinking of you as you mark one year without your Mom. First Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas are not easy. Very thoughtful family to send those flowers. Thinking of you this late September day.....
    Anne D.T. xxx

  9. I loved my walk and now I am going to give Poor Jack a bit of a belly rub, really he needed a bit more time on the beach. Lovely pictures Robin. Glad you have got a lot done, I know you are missing you Mom so I am sending you a big hug,