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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Busy, in a good way!

Oh dear, it's been awhile! But I'm still here in Blogland and having lots of crafty time here in Vermont. Good bye to September and Hello to October. We have had many many days of gorgeous weather. The Autumn has been colorful, sunny and warm. Absolutely no complains.
I have been working with fabric lately and enjoying every moment. I have been busy on instagram and that is so much fun. So many inspirational people, photos, and crafts. It opens up even more motivation!!!
I started seeing all these teeny tiny houses pieced with lovely fabrics, (all that I already have) and I got so inspired. Thimbleblossoms is where I purchased the pattern you will see in a moment!!!

Here goes, I'm in love, can't wait to make more and more.......Many people have been making them, including Debbie at happylittlecottage, lovely blog and inspiring.

                                            This is the soon to be lap quilt or wall hanging

Ok, I think you get the idea.....aren't they cute!? Can you see where the sky's the limit on the fabric combinations. I tried to put something in the doorway for detail and that was fun and tricky in the measuring aspect.  I won't be able to show you the finished project for quite some time. It's going to be a gift and someone would see it!!!! But I promise to show you after the delivery.

Next up was the "Save the Date Bunting" for Amy and Andy. This was fun and a pretty quick project. I did have to get it done for this Friday, so I'm ahead of the game. The kids are having their "save the date" photos this Friday and if it works out they will incorporate the bunting into the photo for the cards.  IT's all such fun.

                                        The process, ironed on hearts and stenciled numbers

                                    Used Blanket stitch to outline hearts for more visibility

                                          Sewed bunting flags together

                   Nicely ironed and laid out, I always work hand and hand with an iron, it really helps make things neat and tidy

                                           Finished "Save the Date" Bunting

I added buttons in-between each flag just for added detail. I think Helen had this idea in one of her amazing books!! Thank you Helen❤️

So as you can see I have been busy and still alive! I missed blogging! I tried to visit you all, sorry if I may have missed any of you. I do so enjoy all of you and thank you in advance for your visits to my blog. Love your comments and visits.


                                                               Happy October to all


  1. Oh wow Robin I do love your little houses!! :)
    Your bunting is so pretty too!!
    V x

  2. The little houses are so cute, great bunting too
    Clare x

  3. How busy you have been dear Robin and what gorgeous work. The houses are so sweet and the bunting is brilliant. How exciting to be counting down to the big day now. Happy October xx

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  5. Love love love your little houses!!! They are so cute and colourful and happy! I love your fussy cuts for the doorways, really makes the quilt. Your bunting is perfect. You have such a tidy workspace!

  6. Your lap quilt or wall-hanging is a work of art and sure to be a family heirloom! How nice of you to make the bunting, too. I was glad to see your blog pop up to the top of my list! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Wow Robin I absolutely love the little house quilt, so charming but it looksmlike a lot of work. I'm going to attempt to make a quilt for my daughter's graduation this year. I'm a bit worried, but I'm up for the challenge :) love the bunting, so romantic. I hope it works put because it would be so very nice and romantic. Have a great week.

  8. I love the detail of something in the doorway of each little house, it makes each house come alive and seem 'homely'. It really captures my imagination. Beautiful work.

  9. I love the houses and the detail in the doorway is just exquisite. The bunting is a real delight too.

  10. Love the little house quilt, it's very pretty.

  11. Love your little houses! The bunting is very cute, I hope that it makes the cut in the photos. xx

  12. oh your quilt is so beautiful and the bunting so cute .... Have fun with your projects and have a lovely day !

  13. I LOVE your quilt, you are so clever. Of course you know that you just asked us all to the wedding, right? Just kidding my friend.
    Hugs and Happy Autumn,

  14. Hello lovely Robin! I LoVe your little house quilt, it is gorgeous!! Love the pretty bunting too! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  15. Love all your work, Robin. I can definitely see how you got hooked on those sweet little houses - the possibilities of fabric combinations are endless. And your bunting is so clever. What a wonderful way to save the date.

  16. Such cute little houses :) And the bunting is fab, I love the addition of the buttons, definitely adds something :)

  17. Hello dear Robin,

    Happy October to you too! And those pretty little houses - they look wonderful, made me smile wide! And that bunting is wonderful too, happy sewing days, dear friend!


  18. Hi Robin, I'm having some trouble leaving comments. House and home are on my mind, as you know. LOVE these quilt blocks and the special banner.
    Thinking of you from autumnal Michigan-----
    Anne D.T. xx