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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

they're on the loose

Look out! They got out! I was walking Jack and soooo happy I had my iPhone to catch all this fun!

I thought I saw a big pig on the road. Walk walk walk, I do see a pig and another and Wait some piglets! Who let them out? I don't see the farmers......oh dear, they must have escaped!


                                          Photos in the succession of Jack and I approached  

               (the whole time I am holding Jack's collar, we don't need leashes where we live)

                                                    They see us too!

                      Getting closer, piggy to piggy, what do you think, are they friendly?

                                                    Hmmmm Don't know?

                                                     You go, I'll wait here!

                                                    Ok ok, I'm coming, we're in this escape together


                                                 Aren't we cute......don't tell anyone about this!!

                             One close look at Jack and they were off and running, to this guy


                            Oh, don't worry, this human and hairy thing are here all the time!

                                                  See, I even let the hairy thing sniff me!

That was our big adventure down the dirt road! BUT it was a bigger adventure for the Piggies
Hope you enjoyed, I'm just so happy I could capture it!

Thanks for popping in dear bloggers. Love your visits and all your comments, always a treat to read and see that I have new comments.

Have a great middle of the week day and hope you have some adventures too!

xoRobin and Jack, (the hairy thing)



  1. What a fun thing to see on a morning walk! Love your flamingo!
    xo Kris

  2. Oh how fortuitous that you had your phone handy to capture this delightful story! Those little piggies are just adorable :-)
    Happy middle of the week to you too,

  3. how cute are they? And what a scoop. Amanda x

  4. Haha well captured Robin....so funny! :)
    V x

  5. Aww so cute, love the shot with the piglets.
    Clare xx

  6. So lovely!! I do so envy your rural idyll.

  7. Hi Robin.. what a FUN post of two VERY CUTE little piggies! I'm so glad your captured these cuties! Thanks for sharing.. I got a giggle out of your story.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. How fun your were there are the perfect moment. those piggies are too cute!
    Hugs and Happy Halloween,

  9. So lovely to see the piggies, and I like the skeleton flamingo too - we were just looking at those online last night for some strange reason that I cannot remember now. Great to see that someone else appreciates them as well. xx

  10. I LOVE these little piggies!

    Jane in Australia

  11. Hello dear Robin,

    LOVED this post, too cute piggies, I can see why Jack needed to be hold back :)
    Wishing you many beautiful and colorful November days with happy walk like this!


  12. That's hilarious! Glad you had your camera! They're so cute! I hope they made it home safely!