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Monday, March 9, 2015

Island Life

OK, I've decided Island life is the life for me!  Did my hints make you think of MAUI!  ALOHA was my secret 3rd hint!  Well, let me tell you it is one magnificent island! I'm an Island Girl for sure :  )
But the flight from Vermont is 13 hours and that is a long time.......turns out it is worth it, if you are lucky enough to have a long stay. We had 12 days so it was wonderful and enough time to forget the flight until the departure day. I took about one thousand pictures with my iPhone and my new Sony! I did love me new camera but there is definitely a convenience to the size of the iPhone.
My Hb had a conference in Maui, so we turned it into a vacation too. It was our Anniversary and  both of our birthdays close together, so lots of celebrating.

We snorkeled, did a whale watch, went to a Luau, saw a sunrise from a volcano crater (Haleakala volcano) and biked down the volcano, played golf, walked, swam, read, and ate so many tasty meals. But let me tell you it is one expensive experience, meals are so pricey but so elegant, fresh and delicious. Oh, did I mention the cocktails, so many special island drinks!

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, "we had too", the conference was there, to bad right! The flowers, landscape and terrain are so green and lush. I was in photo heaven. So let me start with the slide show!

Approaching Maui, I was all smiles, ear to ear

                                                                    Whale watch

                                             Up close, so hard to get the ones I really wanted

                                                               Bamboo everywhere

                                         Flowers everywhere "Hibiscus"

                                             South American Cardinals, visiting our balcony

                           View from balcony, golf course 3rd hole and ocean in background

                                                    Banyan Tree with lights in front of Ritz's

                Catamaran for snorkel trip, so many colorful fish, coral reefs and one turtle

                                          Luau, they are so beautiful and double jointed!!!

                                                  View each morning for morning walk

                                                               So many orchids


                                             Visit to an Arboretum, so fun and informative

                                                   Peacock, boy was a lucky with this shot

                                                    Waterfalls and daredevils....not us!

                                                                      One Sunset

                                                               Another sunset

                                       and another sunset, we tried to see them every night :  )

                                                  Just Gorgeous views in all directions

 On top of the volcano for the sunrise, we got up at 2am, took a van to the bike location(to trail the bikes), drove to the crater (2 hours away) and got to see this magnificent sunrise! It was awesome. There was a couple who got engage just as the sun peeked through!! It was so sweet, everyone clapped and cheered!

 This is the map and the trail for our bike ride down. See the twisty roads, we were the oldest couple and we DID IT! I have to say I was so proud of us, It wasn't that hard, but we were definitely out of our comfort zone. Our hands got the most workout braking!!! It was the highlight of our trip. There were ten in our group, we stopped halfway and had a nice breakfast at a Lavender Farm, it smelled so wonderful. Then we proceeded down the volcano. We started the trip in fleece and windbreakers (jackets and pants) and started shedding clothes as we descended and ended up at the ocean in shorts and tops. We were back to our hotel at 1:00pm!

                                        The Ritz-Carlton, 3 infinite pools and Pacific Ocean

                                         I'm so happy to have had this wonderful experience

There are so many more pictures of flowers and food and trees and loveliness. I will probably have to write another Maui post, but for now this is a start.

I came home to a whole post office crate of mail and a lovely card and gift from Teresa! She makes the most beautiful crocheted hearts and I'm so grateful to have one hanging in my home.  Thank you so much Teresa, one of my longest blogging friends❤️

xoRobin            (Jack too.......see him)


  1. So glad that you had such a great time. It really is incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing. xx

  2. Oh Robin.. your trip just made my day! I lived in Hawaii for 7 months - two trips, one time 3 mo. and one time 4 mo. - right after I graduated from HS. I was young and slim and was with my best friend - we had a great and memorable time there. So, your photos just thrilled me. I lived on Maui out of Paia for a few months, too. I would love to go back and take my husband who has never been. I'm glad you got my heart and I love you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a very lovely trip you had! I didn't realise how tropical Hawaii is. Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful pictures.

  4. What a wonderful trip to the sunshine Robin, I can feel your smiles from here. Everything looked fabulous from the hotel to the dancing, what a treat. Well done to you and your hubby for cycling that journey! Awesome! I bet dear Jack was so pleased to have you home. Looking forward to seeing some more photos and it's great to have you back x

  5. Wow, a truly amazing trip one I am sure you will remember for many years to come. Some wonderful experiences, thank you for sharing such greats photos.

  6. What an amazing trip Robin, I have so enjoyed following along with you on IG!
    Your photos are so beautiful, such a wonderful experience for you and your hubby and a great way to celebrate your birthdays and anniversary.
    Bet Jack was so glad to see you though!
    V x

  7. It sounds like the most amazing vacation, wow the pictures you took are so gorgeous. I am glad you are home safe and sound, I bet Jack is too.

  8. Great photos of a fantastic holiday.

  9. What a wonderful trip you had, dear Robin! I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous colourful pictures so much! It sounds like an amazing experience....(well done on completing the bike ride too). What a special way to celebrate your birthdays and anniversary! Lovely to see you back again :)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  10. So fun to see more of your trip, Robin. Hard to come back to the snow!! Looks so beautiful....I love the ocean.
    Happy mid March. and thanks again for sharing your trip!!
    Anne and family xxx

  11. Hello sweet Robin,

    Welcome back! What a wonderful holiday you had, it all seems just perfect! I would love to visit Maui one day but... Thank you so much for sharing these (and I enjoyed your updates at Instagram too, made many may snowy days to see those happy images!) with us.

    Happy March-days, I wish spring will start melting all that snow soon at yours too!


  12. Hi,WOW, what a Stunning place soooo beautiful.