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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring!

I say Welcome Spring with a wish and a promise because we do not have it "Yet"!!! Actually it is snowing on this first day of Spring. I will not loss hope because it will be here soon. See how optimistic I am :  )

I have been extremely busy lately with wedding plans as the wedding nears, only 3 months away. I have been shopping for MOB dress and found the perfect dress that I feel good in. It is long and navy blue and I am excited to wear it at Amy's wedding.  Bridal shower is next, April 12th, I got invitation out over a month ago and am now making buntings and gift bags. So many fun details, as many of you know. Sorry I can't show any pictures or ideas......shhhhh........it's all hush hush!

One daughter did have a big "30" birthday and I finished a quilt for her special day. Let me show you. It is tied not quilted and queen size.

 Working on binding. Jack always is not far away from me as you can see....love the boy!

                                                     Draped and binding done

                                                     LABELS.......love labels

                                           Displayed on my bed

                                          Folded and ready for birthday girl💕

Oh to be 30 again, it would be great but I'm happy where I am and have so much to be thankful for!

Next on this past weeks events, poor Jack was limping  and my Hb and I had to take him to an animal emergency here in our area. They think he may have torn his ACL (knee ligament). Oh dear, I have to take him to a specialist 1.5 hours away this coming Tuesday and may have surgery. Poor Jack, but he does have me bewildered because he is acting normal now and not limping!!!!

                                        At small animal emergency clinic

I will keep you posted after Tuesday's appointment.

This is what I long for again, hope you all are getting a taste of nice weather, spring flowers and lighter clothing!

Thanks for popping in and visiting me here. Love your sweet comments and visits. Be well 💕



  1. What a beautiful quilt for the birthday girl, a real delight. I love the labels. Hope all goes well at the vets. The wedding will be here before you know it, exciting times.

  2. Weddings are just so exciting Robin aren't they. Your quilt is stunning, what an heirloom piece you have made your darling daughter and those labels are so unique. She must have been so thrilled with her present. I do hope poor Jack is out of the woods soon. One of our old cats ruptured her ACL, we delayed surgery as I know, dealing with humans, that they do not always need repairing. She healed fine and within months was jumping on and off the fences again. Take care, enjoy the spring and I hope the warmer weather reaches you really soon. Hugs xx

  3. Dear Robin, you have such a good outlook on life - it does no good to complain, though, does it. Might as well look at the bright side. LOVE the quilt, what a good mama you are! I'm excited for you about the wedding! Remember to enjoy the ride.. and don't overwork yourself. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Awe poor Jack, I do hope he heals soon and just maybe he's on the mend already and might not need the surgery!
    Your quilt is beautiful Robin, so much work involved and I love those cute little labels! Happy birthday to the birthday girl!
    Hoping spring is just around the corner for you Robin.
    V x

  5. What a gorgeous quilt you made for your dear daughter, Robin! I am sure she will always treasure it! The labels are a lovely extra touch too. Wishing your girl a very happy birthday! Poor Jack......I hope he is healing naturally and doesn't need the surgery, but wish you both well on Tuesday.
    I hope the spring arrives with you soon, with plenty of sunny days!
    Helen xox

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! So love the colour combo and the different shapes, AND the labels! Hope Jack gets well soon. Pam xx

  7. Oh poor Jack!!!!! I hope all goes well with your appointment on Tuesday. Robin that quilt is so beautiful, what an amazing gift to give your daughter. I look at the 30 year old's around me and am a bit jealous of their youth, but I am not trading my wrinkles and gray hair for anything.

  8. Hi RObin and Jack, I hope he's feeling much better now and no need for surgery!!
    What a lovely quilt for the birthday girl. Happy you found your dress for the wedding. Spring is flying by......Sending some sunshine.
    Anne xxoo a big kiss for Jack.

  9. Hello sweet Robin,

    What a beautiful quilt, it will be treasured with love, just as it was made. And oh poor Jack, I wish he is all better now! Wishing you happy wedding-planning days, happy to hear that THE dress for you has been found!

    Lovely April!