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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn is Here

Hello dear friends and followers, it's been awhile, but I am alive and well. Although I did hurt my back this past weekend with fall cleanup. I think that is why I am finally getting to blog and sit with an ice pack on my lower back. Yesterday it was heat that felt good but today it is cold that is helping. I have all this energy but my body is not cooperating, so frustrating and sad......but I will heal and mend and be raring to go soon, I HOPE.

So this summer the two weddings were amazing, both daughters married, happy and blessed. Can you believe we are still waiting for some of the professional photos. I'm sure there will be some beautiful wedding photos for Christmas presents :  )  

Our renovation in Martha's Vineyard is complete. It truly turned out so beautifully and the new space and kitchen is wonderful. We didn't get any real time to enjoy it yet but we will next year. We'll be closing it up for the winter and reopening early spring!!! (the weddings took all our vacation time...so worth it needless to say)

Autumn is here and the colors are finally coming, really slow this year due to the dryness we have had. But the past rain and sun this past week did it's magic! The weather is chilly in the morning, warm in day and then back to chilly in the evening....three change of outfits!

Now that all the activities and planning for the two weddings are over and the renovation is done, I'm a little in limbo and finding myself again. I truly loved the whole wedding planning and actually miss all the family hustle and bustle. The holidays will be here before long, so I will be fine.

Let show some photos

                                           Farmers market harvest

                                           Love this.....see the heart❤️

                                           Still lots of flowering plants


           Oh dear.....don't know what happened in my yard.....but I do know it was not Jack

Thanks for visiting my dear friends, HAPPY OCTOBER, and I sure hope I am back soon! I have missed my blog and all of your lovely visits and comments.

Next time I will share my hexie baby blanket and books I have read this summer. (and there are many)


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  1. Hello dear Robin,

    You have had a truly amazing summer, those weddings and renovation! Now it is time to slow things down for autumn - I am so sorry to hear that your back was hurt, I wish you will get well soon. I am waiting your book-list already, always wonderful to find new reading!

    Happy October days to you!


  2. So nice to see this lovely post today dear Robin! Your summer was certainly an amazing one with two weddings and the renovation too. No wonder you feel things have slowed down a lot now...but that will be good, time to relax and enjoy a slower pace for a while. So sorry you have hurt your back...I hope it soon heals for you. Love all your pretty autumn flowers.....enjoy the colours and your books and crafting and have a very Happy October.
    Helen xox

  3. Lovely to hear from you Robin! You have had a busy but fun summer. I love all those Autumn colours, you certainly are in the best part of the world for autumn colour!! Enjoy it all and take care of that back!
    V x

  4. You have certainly had a busy summer, two weddings and
    renovations you must be superwoman with all the work that goes into all that. Hope your back is on the mend soon. Great farmers market produce.

  5. Hi dear Robin, what a busy but fun time you have had this year......time to breath now! Your summer home sounds fab and I bet you are really looking forward to using it next summer. I do hope your back is improving. Remember to keep moving about and gradually doing more. Thanks for all you sweet visits and comments over at mine. Vivienne has nagged me about IG but I honestly am clueless about it! Happy autumn my friend. Hugs xx

  6. Glad you have had a great summer and that the weddings both went so well, quite a summer of celebrations for you! I hope that you can sit back and relax now. I hope too that your back will soon be better! xx

  7. I'm so sorry you hurt your back.. I hope you heal up super fast. I am having pain in my right hip and so can relate. I'm so happy both weddings were wonderful and now you can sit back and wait for some more grandkids.. :-) Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Your poor back! So glad it did not go out at wedding time. You have been so busy, lots to plan and look forward to now you have the holidays and those darling grandchildren to play with. Sending you a hug for a speedy recovery,

  9. Your autumn is better with colours than mine with no flowers anymore.
    I am so happy with have trees for the great red colour.
    Your pics are beautiful.
    Take care.

  10. Hope your back is better soon. Our autumn weather has been really nice until today when it has turned cold, wet and windy.