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Thursday, June 23, 2011

All things Happy!

Hello My Ladies,

So nice to get this chance to catch up and share our lives in our little land of blogs. First, I must share with you the last sighting and photo moment before my birdies flew the coup. Before I show the picture I do have to say how fun it was to follow this feathered family! I honestly think it was a planned farewell because there was lots of chirping and an appearance of mum and dad Robin. I think they were there to cheer them on! Wish I had seen it, but it was a private family event and I wasn't invited. In the morning the lovely nest was empty and I felt the loss. Bitter sweet!

Here they are ready to start their Journey
Getting way to big for this small nest, overflowing....

Good bye.......smooth flying!

Now All things Happy!

How 'bout a visit to see the kids and the little kids. First visiting the big kids (my kids) and then the little ones. What can be happier than that?! Look what the little ones did for Nannie. Since the little one moved from crib to bed, they got bunk beds. So nice and they look so big and grown up.(but not really) Now Nannie gets her own room and a very special bed. Look what they picked out for me.......all my favorites. They know me so well.

How lucky am I? Extremely!

They know my love of OWLS and Birds and Trees and Nests. I only need some Buttons and I would be in heaven.
How about a look at the ones who did all this with the help of their Mommy(my daughter)!

                                                                          Big "A"   5 years

                                                                          "A" and "E"

          Little "E"    3 years almost

So What did I tell you "ALL THINGS HAPPY"

Now look at this, if you would. Jack in his glory after his bath.  Please let me know, does your dog do this?Kinda defeats the hold purpose.

I still have to share with you some of my latest purchases involving yarn!!!!! And what is on my needles, but that will be next time, I have rambled enough for now. Thanks for visiting, I love your visits. Happiness to all and the strength to handle things if needed.

I leave you with this lovely ocean view.



  1. Thanks for the ocean view!!

    Love the bedding your dear girls chose for you!

  2. What adorable little girls!! And the room, heaven! I'm happy for you!! Jack is doing what my Buddy does after a bath, but he does it in the house on the carpet!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Isn't that the sweetest thing? Picking bedding that Granny will like? and lovely bedding it is too!
    There really are gorgeous little bods.
    Nice one Jack, you know how to savour lifes little pleasures.
    Love Tickety-boo

  4. Don't be sad about the little birds, they're off to make their way in the world and you helped them do that!!
    What beautiful little granddaughters you have and how lovely to give you an owl covered bed too. :)
    Your dog is so funny!
    Thanks also for the lovely ocean view.
    Have a wonderful weekend Robin. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Robin, you are so lucky those little ones are yours. They are so cute and I bet they just love their Grandma. I bet you had a fantastic time, and yes my Max does the same thing after his bath. He gets grass all over him.
    Happy Friday,

  6. Such sweet little granddaughters, and how lovely that they made up a pretty bed specially for you with things they knew you'd like! The pictures of Jack made me smile - sooo funny! Loved the ocean view too. Have a happy weekend, Robin!
    Helen x

  7. I am so glad the birds flew on to pastures new.. a happy ending there Robin. Your grandchildren are sweeties and I love the bedding they chose for you. Have a sunny weekend,
    Jane x

  8. It seems that everything is really good in that little nest of yours, Robin! Happy Midsummer, dear!


  9. Love the owl motif! Target pillow, right? I almost bought the same one myself! I have no children yet. Just thought it was so stinking cute haha