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Monday, June 27, 2011

❀Rosy Day❀

Hello all you lovely Bloggers,

We had some sun so all came out Rosy for the weekend. So much can be done when the sun is shining. All of a sudden your energy level rises and you are smiling for no reason and then the house goes to pot, but that's perfectly fine. Lots of things happened at our house. The bird nest got cleaned up. I had to actually get hose and brush to scrub the light and house from all the mud and birdie business. I have to say they were messy!! No problem all cleaned up and sparkling. We were then able to put the breezeway furniture out. We had waited until they were up, up and away before we decorated with our summer look.
Then we were able to plant our 12 climbing rose bushes along our front fence. It was fun and so great to get dirty and work in the soil. Our roof is still being replaced so we have had to plan accordingly with our gardening needs. Definitely not our usual summer gardens. Just have to go with it! Let me show you the roses and a few of our other floralness.

I think once they get established they will really add beauty to the front yard!

I captured these Rosy Pretty Images

Don't they just speak for themselves?

Now not so Pretty.........................

OK enough, how 'bout more good stuff

This happened before, during all our rainy, rainy weather! So Pretty, but really happy to have the Sunshine.

Want to see my new project. It's a sweater for little "E" for her "3rd" birthday happening in August. I'm enjoying working on it and hope to have it done way before. We do have a few vacations planned, so I'm happy it's started. I always use washable yarn for my daughter's sake. Everything needs to be able to be washed multiple times and then some! I also make them larger so they will fit for a while. I'm using my favorite pattern maker Yankee Knitter, so user friendly for all knitters. I'm a fan of circular needles, so I convert many patterns so I don't have as many seams in the end. Works for me! Do you feel that way too? I also love the new addi-TURBO needles the yarn just slides along, a pleasure to work on. Well, enough chattering, here it is so far.

I can't thank you enough for visiting me. I do so enjoy your visits and comments. I'm hoping and wishing you all sunny happy skies, some carefree days and lots of laughter.

Jack wanted to poke in and say Hi..........he is so NOSY!

Bye for now,  xoRobin❤


  1. Sunshine definitely makes all the difference to life!
    I love your new rose bushes, they're so pretty!
    I know how awful it is when you're getting work done to the house but I'm sure your new roof will be finished soon.
    Lovely knitting too, just the colour any little girl would love. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. A very rosey post indeed Robin, yes there is nothing like some sunshine to give us a boost, is there? Your roses will be beautiful and I LOVE your oriental poppies, stunning!
    What a great idea to make a jumper with no seams, it must be really comfy to wear. Hi to Jack and his sweet nose!
    Keep smiling and hope the sun keeps shining for you,
    Jane x

  3. Lovely summer post Robin.
    Love the colour of the yarn you've chosen to use for the sweater, very sweet.
    I love circulars too and have been eyeing up the Adi Turbos. So they are worth buying? I use Knit-pros how do they compare?

  4. Robin. Jack's nose is the cutest! My buddy Max just fellin our pool while he was getting a bath, he is not very happy right now. you think a Golden would like swimming, but not my boy! I lvoe all the flowers and your fence is going to look terrific. I love those needls, the best on the market. Have a great day,

  5. Dear Robin, what great roses you planted, I can just imagine the gloriousness in a few years! Our 4th of July climbing rose has made me so happy! I hope you pop over and see my BBQ pix on my blog.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Isn't the sunshine wonderful after days of rain?

    Your new yarn is going to be so sweet knit into a little girl sweater. It reminds me of really pretty bakers twine!

  7. Lovely post, Robin, so full of sunshine and roses! I loved it! And that little pink knit is adorable, it'll be absolute favorite of that little 3-years-old I'm sure! And that nose, kisses to him too!

    Have a wonderful week, Robin, and many happy and sunny greetings from Finland!


  8. Your roses planted against the fence are beautiful and how pretty they will look as they twine around it! I love your rosy knitting too, and all your sweet flowers. I know that 'new roof' feeling from a bit earlier this year...such a relief when it's done! I hope you have a happy rosy day, Robin!
    Helen x

  9. Beautiful flowery post, there's so many flower on blogs at the moment, real real pretty, your knit project is sweet, pink is so one of my fav colors, maybe its because i have four girls :)
    Karen x

  10. Hi!
    Yum - roses and poppies.. my favourites :) And a beautiful yarn you've got as a perfect match ;)

  11. Hey Robin you lucky lady...you won my Winbledon giveaway! I shall attempt to find you email address on your blog to contact you. Congratulations!
    Jane x

  12. enjoyed looking at your photos and glad to see that I'm not the only one with such a helpful dog :o)