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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Lovely Taste of Summer

Miami, Florida was a breath of fresh air, sunny sky's, ocean views, sandy walks, shell collecting, book reading, no cooking, meals out, fun drinks (anytime you want), fabulous hotel, and the list goes on. There is nothing like getting away in the middle of the winter. We had so much fun and it was even in a reduced amount of time. My husband wasn't feeling that well so we had to head home on Wednesday. It was heartbreaking but not as heartbreaking as having my Hb not feeling well. So home we went to more snow then when we left and even drove home from the airport in Boston to a whiteout of snow. The good news is after some tests and a few more to come, my Hb is feeling better. Home is always where you want to be when you are not feeling well!
Let's see some photo of our holiday!

                                                   View from our room balcony-sunrise

                                                   Another angle-midday-lap pool

Tennis courts-there was an event there whether modeling tennis wear or famous player (not sure which) Fun to watch!

                                                                  Love that ocean

                                                                Walking treasures

                                                Teeny tiny shells, coral and more

                                           Yes, my painted toes, book, sunrise☀ and morning coffee
                                                                   I was in heaven❤

I will share a few more pictures on another post, but I think that's enough for now. Don't want to overdo!

                                  Came home to this hibiscus bloom---perfect timing for me!

I made this baby hat while my Hb was having tests. It's for a special new baby in the extended family.

And of course you can't forget the "big sister" too when a new baby comes along. All ready to pack up and mail!

I also came home to my lovely purchase from Mia, she makes the most wonderful felted items, take a peek!

I also received my beautiful glass bobby pins from Anne.  I was a winner of her delightful giveaway. Anne is celebrating her 1 year of blogging, visit her and congratulate her, you will love her blog!!

Well, M' ladies and gents (just in case) thank you for visiting me here and listening to my story and my life. I need to catch up on all of you, so I'm off to visit all of you!

Jack was so happy to come home from "The Ranch" (his doggy daycare) I can't blame him.


                                                    My new cards-business size and mini


  1. I'm glad you got to have even some time in such a gorgeous, sunny and warm place! I can't imagine you're still having snow! We have Spring in full swing here. I hope your Spring comes quick.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What an amazing place, lovely to have a little break. Hope hubby js feeling much better now!
    Hope your snow disappears soon Robin, I reckon you've had enough!
    Lovely mail to come home to too, as well as the handsome Jack!
    V xxx

  3. Welcome home dear Robin...even though it's still snowy. I hope you Hb gets well soon, what a shame to have to cut short your holiday. Lovely views and the sea looks glorious. Your mail must have brought such a smile to your face as well as having Jack home. Take care xx

  4. Such a shame your holiday was cut short, Robin - I do hope your hubby soon returns to full health! Sweet little baby hat you made and how nice it must have been to come home to such lovely mail deliveries, as well as your furry friend 'Jack'! I bet he was happy too! Enjoy your week and hopefully the snow will soon
    go again?!! Joy xo

  5. Welcome back Robin!! So glad you could have a break from this long winter. Hoping your husband is feeling better soon. The ocean and sunshine are always a good idea!! Thank you for mentioning/showing my hair pins and blog. I love your new business cards. I need some new ones, too.
    Take care of yourselves.
    from "still" snowy Michigan,
    Anne xx

  6. Great vacation posts! Love the duck on that darling hat. It MAKES It

  7. Lovely to see your sunny pictures, dear Robin.....just a few of those rays are good to warm you up after all that snow!! It looks like such a beautiful place, and I loved your shells, I always like to collect some too whenever I go to any beach!
    The little hat is adorable, a perfect new baby gift. Love all your treats and your pretty new business cards.
    I hope your husband is feeling much better now and all the tests are ok.
    Sending love
    Helen xox

  8. First I hope your husband is doing much better and that everything is checking out okay with the tests. Glad yo had a great trip, sorry it was cut short. Your treasures upon returning home are lovely. Sending you a hug,

  9. Hello dear Robin,

    Your holiday pictures are so beautiful! I am so so sorry your husband wasn't feeling good, but thankfully he is going much better already. And that mail :) I am so happy you liked the little Easter-pin! Thank you so much for the link too!

    Have a wonderful day, and sunshine from here just in case you should need some!