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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Well, guess what, the weather people were correct! We did get a fresh new 2 feet of snow, lots of shoveling, winds, and snow drifts.

Photo shots
This is older picture with deer but now with action snowfall
Can't tell you how this happened BUT I like it! hahaha

New Storm 3/12/14

Well, it is a ton! I'm off soon and will see you when this is all gone.......NO, I'm sure it will be here when we return, but a girl can dream!

There is a new app floating around in blog land. I first saw it on Vivienne's blog and then on Teresa's blog, it's the Waterlogue app for iPhones and iPads. It changes any photo into a watercolor. Such fun to play with and it's amazing to watch the colors appear. You can buy it in the app store, $2.99, but worth it. I don't normally get apps you have to pay for, but this one got me!!!

Here we go

See you soon you amazing bloggers
And welcome to my new followers!
Thank you to all


  1. Isn't' Waterlogue just the best fun!!! :)
    Sorry you've had more snow Robin but you are going to escape it for a little while, have a lovely holiday and fingers crossed the snow will have disappeared by the time you return!
    V xxx

  2. I love Waterlogue Robin but I have an Android phone so no good to me!! Oh dear the snow arrived....I'm glad I posted you some sunshine on my blog for you today. Keep snug my friend and I hope that sunny trip is coming really soon xx

  3. Oh my Robin.. I can't imagine having all that snow when we're all so ready for Spring! I have a slew of daffodils in bloom and I just found a huge patch of white violets in the farm yard! I'm glad you're enjoying Waterlogue.. you did some very cute pix.. where did you get the lamb? Love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hang in there, Robin. I hope you have a great break and can forget about all that new snow.
    Send some warmth and sunny days back.
    Anne xxx
    Plumcreek Studio

  5. Oh my! Sorry about all that snow! I love those watercolor photos! So, when are you going on your trip?
    xo Kris

  6. Nice pics you have there. I know how that one got the snowfall treatment as I have had a few photos edited by Google's AutoAwesome software. It can do all sorts of tricks with photos that you put anywhere on Google including Blogspot.

  7. Hello lovely Robin.....oh, soooo much snow!! Love your actual snow falling pic! The watercolour app is amazing isn't it?! wishing you a warm and happy time on your trip!
    Helen xox

  8. Okay now i have to buy that app.. I looked at it yesterday.>>.

  9. Oh I think a new craze is beginning - I must have a look at that app., thanks for showing us Robin!
    I hope you have some sunshine where you're going - so much snow, over and over again ….. Happy Holidays! Joy xo

  10. Look at all that snow! yikes! I hope you have a lovely trip and that you are warm and looking at blue seas, and sunny beaches.

  11. Dear Robin,

    I am sending you a lot of sunshine from here to melt away all that snow!! And oh my, I haven't mastered that app, looks great, I will definitely look for into it!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!


  12. I know it's not what you wanted, but it is breathtakingly beautiful. All that snow!!! I wish we had some colder weather here... that app is kind of cool! Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a lovely holiday away from all the cold and snow!