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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Assortment

Finally finished Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt while on holiday. It was good but way to long, the message at the end of the book was nice but that was the last 50 pages out of nearly 800 pages. Once I start a book I am not able to not finish it......it's just who I am, my Hb can't believe it!!! I always think I should keeping giving the book a chance,  it will get going soon, or it will get better soon......
Anyway, I'm happy I read it, I do continue to keep thinking about it so, I think it made an impression on me.
 I just finished a book, Ripper by Isabel Allende, great suspense, serial killer book. That one I whiped through in a few days. Now on to Margot by Jillian Cantor, a novel about Anne Frank's sister, I'm enjoying it very much.
Always love having a book being read, something on my needles, something being sewn, and lots being planned in my head for my next project, then it's a good day!

Thank you all so much for all your well wishes for my husband. He is feeling better. All tests have come back negative so that is a relief. Every test/procedure he has had done I feel like I have had done too. I'm exhausted, but still all is good and we are feeling blessed. I sincerely appreciate all  your lovely comments and prayers. Thank you❤

My next baby hat is pink and ready for a little baby girl or to put in my Etsy shop.

Last December when our son got married I told you I would show a few pictures, well I have two to share. Oh, I do love them.....not the best photos from me because I took a pic of the pic, but you can enjoy anyway. They look so happy and adorable.

                                                                    "Young Love"

                                                                      "Love them"

So there you go as promised. Do wish the photos I took showed up better but they look great on our mantel.

Next up, trying to make SPRING come into our home even though we still have tons of snow outside.

                                                        Second life for my Amaryllis

I must get something done today, Saturday, I just had to say hello and visit with all of you dear blogger friends. Thank you again for all your well wishes for my husband.  I hope you have a weekend just the way you want it to be.  I appreciate you all.


                    and Jack              

                                                    his new toy, he loves his squeaky toys


  1. Hi dear Robin I am so glad your Hb has been given the all clear. I am sitting in the garden enjoying a cuppa so I thought I would send you some sunny spring wishes. What lovely wedding photos, so much joy there. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and a bit pat to Jack and a purr from Billy ;0) x

  2. Robin, as you know, I have been away with my Mom to help her after her surgery. I am way behind in reading my friends' blogs! I am so sorry to hear your husband got sick while you were away in paradise!!! I do hope he is feeling much better now, and that it was nothing serious! Your photos of your place while away looked heavenly. Love to have coffee on the lanai and watch the ocean roll in front of me!!! Love your yarn projects...and I loved seeing your son and dil in photos. So happy indeed!!! I am afraid my reading has taken a back seat to crochet lately. But I would love to read the book about Anne Frank's sister..Margot. I shall be on the lookout for it.
    Have a great weekend!!!
    xo Kris
    PS Love your business cards!!!!!!

  3. It's good to know your hubby had a good health report, Robin, and I wish him well! The little pink hat is gorgeous and the young couple look so very happy together. Wishing you happy reading, right to the end, haha! Oh when will that snow go and allow the lovely spring blooms to come through and spread their sunshine ….
    Happy Sunday, Joy xo

  4. So pleased your Hb is feeling better and that all the tests were negative, that is good news.
    Love your cute little hat.
    It really is time that snow disappeared for you.
    Enjoy your weekend Robin,
    v xxx

  5. Hello my dear Robin.. I read the "Goldfinch" too and kept hoping for it to get better.. also glad I read it but the end seemed garbled to me. I read "Roses" by Leila Meacham. I'm reading a real good novel now called "The Round House" by Louise Eldrich, and it's really good.. about an Indian boy living on a reservation. My next book is called "Astoria" by Peter Stark.. check it out! I'm in Ohio.. enjoying my granddaughters. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Happy Weekend, dear Robin. I love the wedding photos. Will have to track down the Jillian Cantor book. I've never heard of it; now you've got me curious.
    A big hug and kiss to Jack.
    From Finally sunny Michigan,
    Anne xxx

  7. Dear Robin I am so glad your hb is feeling better and the tests were good. Such lovely, happy photos of your son and his wife! Like you, I love having a book on the go and some crafting too.......bliss! I finished reading The Goldfinch a while ago and I enjoyed it, though some parts more than others.....I always like going on a Donna Tartt roller coaster read though, as I admire her writing. I liked Hobie and his house :) I hope you have a happy sunny week, and lots of time to read and knit.
    Helen xox

  8. hooray for the fresh young couple

  9. Robin, I really didn't like The Goldfinch, the middle of the book left me dazed and wanting to stop reading it. I liked the ending, but it was way tooooo long of a book, a good 300 pages could be cut out. I am reading The Book Thief, interesting way it is written, I really like it. Love your hat and glad your hubby is doing well.

  10. Hello dear Robin,

    Lovely to hear that your Hb was alright after all, such great news! And what a pretty couple, young love... Oh my!
    The goldfinch is on my reading list, but I am have hesitated still, as I LOVED the Secret History and do not want to be disappointed... I will definitely read the book at the some point, for sure. Probably in the summerholidays?

    Wishing you the loveliest day, hopefully spring is getting closer and closer!