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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I don't want anymore SNOW! We are forecasted for 6-12+ inches of new snow starting Wednesday thru Thursday........I can only hope the weather people are incorrect! We had a hint of warmer weather and it was so nice, muddy but still hopeful for a hint of Spring, birds and sun, BUT please no more snow.

See what we have left here in Vermont and some friends who also have had enough.

            Can you see Mr. Deer daring me to come closer in my car?
There were 3 others but they ran across the road, I was able to get my iPhone out in time for Mr. D

           Here are three and the leader of the pack was off........ see all the snow, hard to believe more on its way :  (                              

Captured this photo early this morning, sun breaking through the heavy sky.

I have been busy, none the less, with wedding plans, securing the date for the wedding, rehearsal dinner and hotels, inns and B&B's for people to stay.

Now there will be a lull for some months before all the details: gown, dresses, tent, photographer, food tasting etc.     
< Wedding date June 20th, 2015 >

Just popping in to I guess complain about the long winter. Thanks for listening. Thanks for visiting. We will be escaping soon for a warm weather break, so I have no reason to be this way, but I'm certainly feeling the winter blues or at least having cabin fever!!!

Take care dear bloggers,  xoRobin



  1. Oh it looks like you have a lovely treat ahead and when you return the snow will all be gone!!!
    Enjoy all your wedding preparations. :)
    V xxx

  2. Hi Robin, what a great blog you have here - I just popped over when I saw you had very kindly become my latest follower, thank you and welcome! I'm sorry to hear you are being threatened with more snow, no wonder you feel a bit 'fed up' with it. I wish you sunshine and spring! Joy x

  3. I hope the weather men are wrong Robin....I think a sunshine trip for you is just the remedy. A date is set for the wedding...how exciting and so many fun plans ahead, enjoy every minute of it. Sending you some sunshine from the UK xx

  4. I've just been catching up on your last few posts. You've been having so much fun with wedding preparations! I am sure you will really help to make it a special day for your daughter. The snow will be gone soon... slowly but surely the days are getting shorter here, and it's finally becoming cooler. Your turn for the sun very soon! Enjoy your holiday. x

  5. Oh I hope the weather people are wrong, if not about the snow then at least the amount. Glad to hear that you are keeping busy in such an exciting way. The sunshine holiday will put the smiles back and remind you that summer is coming xx

  6. I am sure all of you who live in the snowy states, have had it! I don't blame you!!!
    Having done the whole wedding thing, I know how exciting, fun and STRESSFUL it can be!
    Loved seeing the deer!!! How one hunts is so hard for me to understand.,
    Your hint makes me think perhaps Florida? It seems the East Coast goes to Florida, and we West Coasters go more to Hawaii? At any rate....ENJOY!!!
    xo Kris

  7. Hello lovely Robin I am so sorry you are still caught in winter's snowy grip, I can quite see why you have had enogh of it now! The pictures are lovely though, such beautiful deer against the snow and lovely house! Your little bright palm tree and blue sky picture looks exciting....how lovely that you have some sunshine to look forward to soon :)
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  8. Dear sweet Robin,

    I am sending some sunshine and warm weather your way (we have it here!!), and hopefully that will melt ALL that snow soon! In the meanwhile: enjoy the wedding-planning (the date set? Yippee!), and oh my, there a special holiday coming... Enjoy the sun, happiest holidays!


  9. Hello Robin, My son and brother had a lot of snow here. I like your deer photo, be careful on the roads. A spring getaway sounds like a plan. Please bring some warmth and sunshine back with you.(-: Happy wedding planning........
    Happy almost mid-March!!
    Anne xxxx