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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello again!

camping car
Just popping in to say hello. I am up to my eyeballs with my two lovely granddaughters for the week, while my daughter and son in-law are on a much needed vacation to Las Vegas. Oh my, how I have forgotten what 24/7 childcare is like. Even with the best of the best. I'm a Nannie don't forget, so we are bias! We have played outside and collected pretty leaves, played with the dog, walked the dog, taken pictures of the neighbors sheep, gone to the playground, made cookies, made a camping car out of a garment moving box in the basement, gone to the library, picked out a toy at our toy store, gone food shopping, gone to the local children's museum, colored in new coloring books, watched Mary Poppins a few times and oh so much more and it is only Tuesday night!!! But the piece de resist dons is the up and down at night after you have read books and books, given kisses and more kisses, lovingly tucked them in, to have one of them come down again and again for this and that and this and that! That's when I realize just how old and tired I am!!!! BUT I love them to bits and pieces soooooo it is all forgotten after a night's sleep and ready for good morning hugs in the morning, even if morning has now become 5:30 am.
We also went to a farm for the cornstalk maze.....really fun. "A" on poppy's shoulders.

Movie time! One relaxing, one up for fun and games.

Sisterly Love!

Me before the visit....don't look like that now!!!!!!

I will play with my yarn again............xoxo Robin ❤


  1. Oh my, you sure don't look old enough to have grandchildren. What a glamorous Nannie you are. My kids get so much out of there relationships with there grandparents. It's precious time for you and your daughter.Enjoy! Remember sleeps for wimps ;o)

  2. oh my how exhausting but sooo much fun hehe xx

  3. Seems like they are having a blast! You are a very good grandmother...

  4. Well done, Robin, on giving your sweet grandaughters such lovely times! The days are sooo long with small children though! You will need a nice long rest and lots of quiet knitting time in your nest next week!
    P.S. Thank you so much for your comment about my new book - I'm thrilled you like it.
    Helen x