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Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in my Nest

Hi Friends, 
Back from my Nannie and little girls week, oh we had so much fun! Nannie will need a few days to catch up, but my am I happy to have had this time with my little angels. They were so excited to see mommy and daddy!!!! 
Mommy, Abby, Daddy, and Elisabeth   We met them at the airport, it was soooo exciting!

Moving on now.............

Just a pic of my mantle and pumpkins....oh and I still have my flower garland up! Guess I should change that. At my food store today I picked up a cinnamon broom, it smells so good and looks festive. Here it is

Now, I'm having a little trouble getting focused and back to my WiP. I was going full speed but now that I got distracted I am not jumping right back in. Help! Does this ever happen to anyone else? I welcome any comments and motivational tricks. Thanks, and thanks for visiting.
xo Robin ❤


  1. BIG cup of tea and a rainy day... xoxo

  2. It does take time to get back to normal after that kind of change of routine! I love the cinnamon broom - I wish we had them here! Have a good relaxing week and enjoy your crafty times again.
    Helen x

  3. Yip! It happens to me all the time. I spent the weekend finnishing projects that I had left 90% done when I was inspirationless. I decided I couldn't move on to another project or buy any more yarn until they are done. So now I can get my Christmas pressies made. I find looking at all the lovely Ravelry patterns fires me back up again. xx

  4. Thanks everyone!!! I love your thoughtful comments. Have a wonderful day!
    xo Robin❤

  5. oh dear oh dear i'm afraid yes it happens here too :/ take one unfinished at a time and focus on getting it done before moving onto the next, easier said than done i know, i still have loads hiding. get one out put it where you can see it, and eventually you'll pick up where you left of. says the wise one still staring haha what are we like haha

  6. I have never seen a cinnamon broom before. I think I will have to try to find one. As far as losing interest or interruptions..Yes I am dealing with the same thing now. I just picked out a couple of small projects I can finish in an hour or two and that usually fires up my hook again.

  7. Cinnamon brooms smell delicious. It is always hard to get back in the old routine after having such a good time!